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Have mine "crumbling" sound stop once mine has supports

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This is something I've long been meaning to suggest.


When inside a mine, you can hear two different sound loops:

  • A crumbling sound, as if sand and pebbles are flowing down
  • A soft blowing of the wind through the tunnels


The creepy crumbling sound has always freaked me out and made me feel like I will, at any time, be crushed to death by a collapsing mine. I do LOVE that we have it though, so please don't get me wrong. I would never want it removed. I think that sound is one of the things that makes going into a mountain tunnel so exciting and thrilling! 


But wouldn't it be cool that once you've secured a mine with mine supports, that the crumbling sound stops and only the soft wailing of the wind sound is left? 


We all know that immense satisfaction of getting those mine supports up there, but imagine how much more satisfying it would be if the mine sounded more secure as well!?

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