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Regional Variations in crops

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Okay this one is mainly for the benefit of Wurm Unlimited, and it's modders, but can also be used to effect in Wurm Online for both flavor on PvE servers and a minor driver of conflict on PvP servers.


We are already able to distribute plants and minerals across the map at map creation, but there's a reason some crops grow in certain regions and that's because they find the conditions better there. However if you take that plant out of those conditions and plant it elsewhere it still grows the same.


So what i'm suggesting that certain crops in certain regions get a +1 to yield, variables would be longitude and Latitude and Seasonal. Also if it is possible, have it so distance to water is a factor as well as altitude, however i'm not sure if either of these are possible.


I'd also ask that this "crop map" be externalized so that it can be altered by Wurm Unlimited server admins (to create as harsh or bountiful a server as possible, with regional monopolies as/if needed) and the concept improved upon by WU modders.

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