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Okay i'm sure over the years there have been a hundred suggestions for this, but given the interest in farming on the suggestion forum lately and the number of long journeys in a row boat i'm making today i thought i'd give it a go.


So lets start with the end product and work our way backwards.


Fertilizer, or more specifically the medieval version of compost (were not talking about modern fertilizers so some of you may be disappointed with the small bonus to QL/yield i'm suggesting).


Fertilizer or well rotted compost can be applied to a farmed tile to increase the QL of the crop while in the sprouting stage of growth (or the alternative is to apply at the halfway mark and have it effect yield, although personally i feel this might cause a balance issue which would need seriously looking at (might be a 3rd suggestion from me today that would possibly solve the issue)). The increase in crop QL should be between 5% to 15% depending on QL of fertilizer.


I would suggest using a variant of the charcoal pile mechanics to create the fertilizer, in that Compost (and a variant of it Rich Compost) should be placed in a Trash Heap to decay, much like a charcoal pile decays into charcoal etc. Obviously this would require the decay rate of compost (in the Trash Heap) to me much reduced so that it doesn't decay away like all the other items in about an hour .... i would suggest 72 hrs real time might be a good time period for the decay process.




Compost is simply created by using an activated hand on an organic item, QL of compost dependent on QL of organic material, max QL of compost determined by Farming (or Gardening) skill.


Rich Compost can be created by activating Blood Meal on Compost, Rich Compost would decay in 48hrs rather than 72hrs. QL of the Rich Compost would be the same as the QL of the compost used to create it.


Blood Meal


Blood meal is essentially finely ground dried blood (and other animal parts) and can be used to speed up the decay of compost. To make Blood Meal activate the grinding stone on a corpse. (Yay more ways to grind grinding and getting rid of corpses)



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