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Corn Dolly

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Okay i've been doing a lot of farming recently and the disappointment i feel when having an inspiration roll while tending a field is what has led to this.


Corn Dolly ( or whatever localized name you wish to give them as i'm sure every region/culture has a variation of this.


Toys made from farm products, rare versions of which can be "found" when the inspiration hits you while tending a field.


The normal version can be made with 1 cereal, 2 cut grass and a corn (there's an argument here to be made for roast corn to "simulate" a dried corn cob).

Cereal (or roasted corn if used in the recipe) activated on a cut grass

Initial QL based off either the cereal (unless the roasted corn was used in the recipe then i'd use the roasted corn for QL)


Personally i don't think it needs a new dedicated skill, you can just use Toymaking.


As an aside perhaps an alternative/addition is to find an archaeology piece .... not entirely sure i play WU at the moment and we havn't got that yet so i havn't looked into it in detail.

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