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Group Combat Training

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Very simple idea, allow combat training similar to duels, training via duels really doesn't provide much insight to group PvP scenarios and as most all PvP is conducted in groups this would allow for kingdom training and drilling to gain experience and establish individual capability and roles for combat in the field and most importantly confidence in yourself and your fellow players going into combat against the enemy when the time comes.


As part of the same kingdom you would be bale to form teams the same way we can form chat teams through a command line invite and a chat tab would open the same way showing your team.


Teams are then able to challenge another team in combat training much like a duel, not sure if this would be as a command or a drop down option that appears in the menu of the person who started the team, the teamleader.


Teams are then able to attack each other and when a team members health drops below a certain percentage HP the training ends for them and they are no longer targetable nor can they target the opposing team and they are kicked from the team.


The combat training is won when the last player from a team is beaten.





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+1 to a team skirmish but -1 as to the reason why.  I personally feel that team fights don't really teach you much.  I just think it'd be a fun mechanic to have.  Tho nothing stops you from going to a pvp server and just backing off when a person is down.

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