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Rift Fun Action Time! (26-27 Nov)

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The rift is about where the X is, I suck and got lost a lot, but I can give directions! (I would have posted signs, but I didn't have stuff with me, so I named logs and dropped on the floor! :D)


From the crossroads on the Great South Mountain Highway and "Highway", go east and stay on this road until you find a cave/tunnel with crude fences outside.

Go through this cave/tunnel (it's mostly linear) and turn right when you get out, go up the hill and it's on your left.


Good luck! :D


Honolulu    Sunday        9:34am
Anchorage    Sunday        10:34am
US Pacific    Sunday        11:34am
US Eastern    Sunday        2:34pm
Sao Paolo    Sunday        5:34pm
London        Sunday        7:34pm
CET        Sunday        8:34pm
EET        Sunday        9:34pm
New Delhi    Monday        1:12am
Beijing        Monday        3:34am
Tokyo        Monday        4:34am
Sydney        Monday        6:34am
Auckland    Monday        8:34am


BONUS FUN FACT! There's some nice raging huge spiders around there. :D

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Ok it moved! (lol)


This may indicate new-ish spot. (I just followed the birchwood logs :-). Thanks Ersitu !





I left a troll, a scorp and a croc there (no armor w/ me, lol).


(PS: I get lost a lot in wurm too, welcome to the sometimes lost club :-)

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