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Just an idea from another game I play where they have their own official client from their website, and another one that can be downloaded from steam to play the same game. Both clients also connect to the same official servers. That would be awesome here because we would have WU and WO in steam, be able to access both, when people would play WO, they would have friends see that they are playing, and go play themselves. (so on, and so on.)


1. Good PR and get the word out there.

2. Possibility to set up steam shop to pay for premium or silvers (future developments)

3. More players in WO. 


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Only if it is optional and we still would have the everything separate from Steam launcher as it is now.


While I do have Steam and a bunch of games there, I certainly have been witness to enough problems with games that tried to bring their existing customer base into Steam - so personally I want to exclude myself from such a possible mess.

Not to mention being forced into Steam to continue playing WO is kinda bleh.

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