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WTS Variety of Rare: Tools, Studded, Weapons, Shield and Misc Objects

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Hello and Welcome! Please make all offers in Private Messages to this forum account (Jamestown).


---Rare Tools:


Rare Pickaxe, Iron QL 88.66 (96WoA)
Rare Hammer, Iron QL 89.71 (W90 CoC94)
Rare Spindle, Maplewood QL 81.46 (W81 C72)
Rare Needle, Iron (BotD 60) <I think it's 90ish QL but I don't remember rn>


---Rare Studded Suit 9pc 90+ AoSP  /// Description: 

Rare Studded Leather Helmet QL 80.54 (AoSP 90)
Rare Studded Leather Sleeve QL 90.08 (AoSP 96)
Rare Studded Leather Sleeve QL 78.37 (AoSP 96)
Rare Studded Leather Breastplate QL 83.37 (AoSP 98)
Rare Studded Leather Glove QL 89.63 (AoSP 90)
Rare Studded Leather Glove QL 89.70 (AoSP 91)
Rare Studded Leather Boot QL 75.02 (AoSP 96)
Rare Studded Leather Boot QL 77.17 (AoSP 93)
Rare Studded Leather Pants QL 84.75 (AoSP 97)


---Rare (& One Supreme) Weapons:

Rare Longsword, Iron 87.3QL (HD N81 LT92 C87 10%DMG Red. Rune)
Rare Huge Axe, Iron QL 81.00 (N97 FB86 CoC94 MS92)
Supreme Shortbow, Willow QL 90.16 (96N 97C)


---Other Stuff:

Rare Large Shield, Oakenwood 85.29QL (92CoC)
2x Yule Goat
QL 90.08 Toolbelt //0.00DMG// ( 9-Slot )

Thank you for your time and consideration. 



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