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Help on a large project

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Hi... I'n Slowmo of south Xanadu, my name on forum is actually the name of an old alt.

Many months ago I started a huge project to try to open up the southern part of Xanadu where I live

as it was mostly cut off from other parts, especially the starter town of Lormere, so we only very rarely got anyone visiting our area.

The highway, including a 207 x 2  tunnel , around 250 tiles of bridge and a large fully equipped inn along the way took me 4 months to complete,

I did get some much appreciated help along the way.

Long before that I built a series of 5 bridges across the water where I live to link our area with the south shore, but I still was much of a noobie and

knew very little, so all those bridges are only 1 tile wide, I'm planing on redoing it all, the 1st bridge is finished, thanx to generous donation of 5k clay from Pingpong.

4 bridges to go, I have decided to make it a bit special so building all of it out of pottery bricks, ouch, I underestimated greatly how much work this would be :).

So I'm here to ask for either clay, clay bricks. mortar, slate shards or bricks to help me some, Pingpong for his donation willl have a bridge section dedicated to him,

each island where bridges land will also have some building made of slate bricks, to add a bit of contrast, those building can also be dedicated to those who donate materials.

I haven't fully decided yet but I may make some change and have only 4 bridges instead of the original 5.. One bridge will have multiple names on it for those who wish to make smaller donations

So there is either 2 or 3 bridges remaining to get your name on as sole donator.

I've also finished opening up a canal that someone started before I started playing but it never was finished, whoever worked on it I think stopped once they hit rock,

I've decided to work on that, which included a lot of surface mining, it is now opened, but I still have some parts to dredge to make it accessible to larger boats like Corbita and Caravel.

I'm also planing a new highway heading north on the south shore, still scouting to decide how I'll go about this.

So if you're interested in helping, it'll be much appreciated. I have attached a few images of the old bridges, the one new bridge that's completed, the tracing of highway to lormere.

Here's the materials that are needed:

Approximately 35k clay and\or mortar.

Pottery bricks.

Slate bricks and\or slate shards.

I thank in advance those willing to help :) . Thank you, thank you, thank you :)






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forgot an image

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No clue what you're saying :)

Or what it has to do with my post at all.


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forgot something

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What he's saying is that he wants every starterstown being connected to eachother with the (catseyes)highway system, before players hook their deed(s) to their nearest startertown with the new system. And because of that he's trolling every highway topic at this forum with that message. :wacko:



As for donating items, I do have an amount of poor ql slate shards at one of my deeds; which I might turn into bricks over time. However, I'm also working at another one of my deeds, so making slate bricks isn't exactly my priority. I'll just see what I can do.


And perhaps a suggestion for naming the ones who have donated: Planting signs with their names at it might also be a good idea. ;)



Thorin :)

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you do trolling and grief... but heh  


i talk about already going project  


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Well Sila, maybe start your own post instead of using mine for your own thing.

If you don't think that what I'm doing is relevant to you, then your opinion is not needed really, I have done months of work

to open up a large area of Xanadu in the last 6 months, can you say the same?

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