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Crops needed on Xan

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Hello Everyone,


I'm 3 days deep into Wurm for the first time and I'm well addicted. I have been trying to answer many of my questions by reading the wiki and forums but I have a specific one I'd like the community of Xan, specifically SW Xan to help with.

I'm envisioning my character in Wurm being a farmer and builder. I've always loved these two aspects of mmorpg's. My question is, for a new player, what crops would be beneficial to start working on? I've seen the suggestions elsewhere of doing bulk clay, or mortar, or bricks, but I'm wondering what the players around me may need.


My plan, after raising my skills some, was to start farming a good amount of cotton and wemp.  I know these may not be the *most* in demand items, but I like the idea of them, that is, if there is any demand.

Any insights you can share would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you all.

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this code from Wurm unlimited but it is pretty close to wurm online.


The difficulties of the crops (for farming purposes) are:

Potato - 4

Cotton - 7

Rye - 10

Wemp - 10

Cucumber - 15

Oat -15

Pumpkin - 15

Barley - 20

Reed - 20

Carrots - 25

Wheat - 30

Cabbage - 35

Corn - 40

Tomatos - 45

Lettuce - 55

Onion - 60

Strawberries - 60

Peas - 65

Garlic - 70

Rice - 80

Sugar beet - 85

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Farm the easier stuff to start with maybe, then as you go along, see how you go. Get a feel for what crops people want from the forums, what you might need yourself go from there. :)


Look forward to chatting to you in game. :)

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If your intention is to sell, the market is highly monetized towards 100ql veggies. They are so abundant that no one pays for any less, unless offered at a high discount. 


Thankfully, with dedication, farming will be easy to raise. Here's my suggestion


1) Make a 500+ tile farm.

2) Plant crops according to your skill per harvest, but a little higher. For example, plant Wemp to start, then upgrade to carrots, then move on to corn, etc.

3) put the bulk of these veggies into a fsb or bsb.

4) continue until you reach level 70.


This should take you maybe a week or two, less if you got sleep powders, and with the proper enchanted tools, you'll get your mark quick.


Take the bsb and sell it in one go once you reach 70. Those veggies will be lq for you by then, but if you firesell it (i.e. 20k veggies for  8 silver) some chef will buy it. Whats more important, you will now be getting good quality veggies that you can sell for a profit.


At 70ql+ you can likely sell for .70 per 1k veggies and raise your price as skill goes up. 


It will be a horrible grind, I wont lie, but you can quickly raise your skill with dedication.

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As a new player your going to need cotton and wemp the most, cotton for healing and wemp for ropes.

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I don't know the market demands but i'll list my favorites:


Cotton, especially for a "beginner" will be helpful to have some at hand: can bandage wounds and can be used for generic tailoring, such as making satchels (very useful for carrying a bunch of light items like nails, grass, seeds etc).


Wemp will enable the possibility to work on ropemaking later on to make other goods like rope fences or tents (also useful for shipbuilders) and perhaps make your own halter rope (it's like a 4 in 1 rope that can lead 4 animals together).


Garlic to make some Farmer Salve (Garlic + animal fat), which are cheap and light and can cure bruises up to medium and poison wounds.

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pumpkins too for new people. bigger meals and breakfasts

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