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Mission Bonus counting

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The new Mission system is nice but i think is not fair.

We have now 66 dredge 20min base and 60min for share to all particpants (max 30 for one).  So when i make 20 item i am still working for players that will put 1 item inside and we all will heve same amount of extra bonus. Only the amount of player that participate incrase amount of bonus we all gain.


I sugest we have something like this 20min base and 1,5min (this amount depends on mision total item count lower for 200items higher for 6) for every item we make for mission (max 20min-30min for person)

The amount of SB granted in mision will be same as actual system  66 dredges x1.5min = 99min extra bonus for contriubutors and ppl who make more item will be granted higher sb amount.

Also the cap of 20-30min per person for extra bonus will prevent one player to contribute all items. The max bonus one person can get in this case its around 19/66 items made and it will be 20+30min no matter how manny participants are in mission.


Make ppl work for their SB !



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