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Cavus Nostra - 3x Action rate, 3x Skill gain

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Cavus Nostra - Wurm Unlimited Server

Cavus Nostra is an Oceanic based Wurm Unlimited server hosted in Australia established on the 06/10/2017.

We have adjusted the original game a little to make that skilling less like having a real job, but still a challenge so you feel the achievement when you achieve your personal milestones. You can labour alone or join others to work together and we will have server wide events open to all.


We welcome players from all over the world and ask only that players respect each other and interact in a civil way. Below is a list of specifications and modifications to the server:



  • PvE
  • 3x Action rate
  • 3x Skill rate
  • No deed costs, no upkeep costs


The map can be viewed here

  • Map size: 2048 x 2048
  • Max creatures: 17500
  • Aggressive creatures: 80% (server spawned, not player bred)
  • Max players: 100

Starting Skills

  • Mind logic: 21
  • Body control: 21.5
  • General: 10
  • Fighting: 10


  • Dig to ground
  • Dredge to ship
  • Single rock tile mining
  • Removal of priest restrictions
  • Allow all light spells from any priest
  • Moon metal (seryl, adamantine, glimmersteel) items can only be improved with steel
  • Farming tick 4 hours
  • No weeds
  • Min mining on rock is 40
  • Hitch more animals of different ages and sizes (including champions if strong enough!)
  • Bounty for animal kills
  • Change your starting affinity once
  • Increased surface mining chance of getting a shard
  • No Holy Ground deeding restrictions





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Server Update 2017-10-15




Affinity Change

You can choose to change your affinity (10% skill gain bonus) to a different skill as a once off per person (not per character).

You can keep your current affinity but if you wish to change you’ll need to make a post in the forum requesting the change to a specific skill, and your in game name.
The GMs will then find you and apply the change.

Keep in mind it must be a Skill (Not Religion or Characteristic) and cannot be a fighting skill.


Merchants are (or about to be) stocked with items to purchase with coin. They are located near the port of the Cavus Nostra deed.

Hitching Changes

You will now be able to hitch more animals than before including up to champions (if you are strong enough!!).

  • hitch animals of any age if they are strong enough to pull a cart/wagon
  • venerable animals will no longer unhitch
  • aggressive animals (i.e. Hell Horses) will now no longer attack when hitched

Please keep in mind that hitched aggressive animals will still be attacked by your deed Spirit Templars.

Kill Bounty

This is the biggest change and starts to add to our in-game economy.

When you kill an animal, you will get coin deposited directly to your bank account (even if you’ve not created one yet).
You’ll see a message like this:
[21:00:33] You got 2 copper deposited into your bank.

You can then use this money to trade with players and buy from merchants.

Each animal has a different value, including variances for traits such as fierce or slow.

We may change these values over time to keep game balance.

If you’re hunting in a team, the bounty for the animal will be split between those with an active combat window open.



Server Update 2017-11-04





Missions seem to have reappeared after the restart, but we’ll have to see if they manage to stick around.

CA Help

We’ve now enabled the CA Help message for all existing a new players. You can disable this from your profile if you no longer are interested in that discussion.

Holy Ground Deed Restrictions

We’ve now removed the Holy Ground deeding restrictions. There is a deed we’ve set up to protect the Holy Light Altar, so more land is now available for civilizing!



Server Update 2017-11-05




Surface Mining

Your chance now starts at 50% and increases with mining skill > 50 up to 100% chance. (Previously was 20% up to 50% with skill).






Server Update 2017-11-06




New Wagons, Flags and Banners

We’ve added a new mod that enables all the extra kingdom’s Wagons, Flags and Banners. You now get each as a separate build option, with the default ones using the “Freedom” kingdom skins.




Black Legion


Dragon Kingdom






Empire of Mol-Rehan


Horde of the Summoned




Kingdom of Sol








The Crusaders


The Roman Republic


Valhalla Descendants


Valhalla II


Wurm University



Server Update 2017-11-11


Bugfix - Smelted moon metal items were returning steel instead of the correct moon metal.


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Great server with a good group of players.

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