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Ayramor Rising - 4k x 4k / PvE / Mods

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Ayramor Rising!
Ayramor Rising aims to create a fun friendly environment for new players and veterans.  


Steam Group:

Our Forum:

Live Map:


Server specifications

  • PvE, Creative, modded server
  • Freedom Kingdom
  • White light and black light deities
  • 60k creatures, high percentage of aggressive mobs for hunting
  • 3x Skill, 5x Action timers.  CR 3x
  • Characteristics start at level 20.  
  • Mind Logic starts at level 21.1 to allow you to pilot small boats immediately
  • Body Control starts at level 21.1 to allow you to ride a horse
  • All other skills will start at level 10!  to cut out some of the early grind
  • 200 player slots.  Server located in the US
  • Daily server restarts and backups at 3am EST.  Twice daily map updates at 1am and 1pm EST
  • CA Help and Info tabs for new players

The Map

  • Hand drawn custom made 4096 x 4096 map
  • There are three large central landmasses that take up most of the map and 16 small islands
  • The mountains tops are all accessible – none are super steep, or super high mountains that you can't climb
  • The rivers are all deep enough for the large ships to pass, no dredging required
  • Resources are fairly evenly spread out, so no traveling 100s of tiles for tar/clay/peat
  • Active volcano 

The Capital City of Andros
Andros is a large town in the center of the map, with lots of amenities including:

  • Baker’s Guild - with ovens, larders & food storage bins 
  • Carpentry & Masonry Guild - with beds and kilns 
  • Fighters Guild - archery targets & practice dolls
  • Tailoring Guild - looms & spinning wheels
  • Smith’s Guild - forges, anvils & smelters
  • Information Center
  • Marketplace with player & GM merchants.  No traders
  • Farm - with crops & planter racks 
  • Public Mine - with forges & large anvils 
  • Public Resources - clay, peat, tar & moss
  • Inn with beds & a bit of free food
  • Portal to our Zoo with animals small and cute to huge and scary
  • Link to our map of Andros


  • Fo, Magranon, Vynora and Libila available
  • Priest restrictions are removed
  • Deity only spells
  • Bag of Holding spell is enabled
  • Spells cost a maximum of 90 favor.  No linking necessary!
  • Prayers only yield faith if they are at least 20 minutes apart 
  • No restrictions on the number of faith gains per day
  • WL and BL priests can work together, casting defensive spells and heals on each other
  • 30 minute meditation timer
  • Sermons are disabled
  • Sacrifice rares for a 1/100 chance of a rare bone

Farming & Forestry

  • Crop rotting is disabled and crops grow faster 
  • Audible alert sounds when crops grow and are ready to be tended
  • 3x sprouts when picking sprouts
  • On login, message displays in the event window with the current & upcoming seasons.  Type /seasons to see any time  
  • Harvest both trees and crops, farm, pick sprouts, crush, picks seeds, forage and botanize while mounted is enabled
  • Inbreeding warnings appear when trying to breed creatures that are related


  • Automatically succeed at skill checks for entering a trance and for getting a path question (avoiding the "you fail to relax")
  • You can meditate an unlimited number of times for skill gain per day, every 30 minutes 
  • Waiting time between questions is halved
  • Meditating timer set to 20 seconds, instead of 2 minutes


  • Dirt, sand, clay, etc. drops to the ground when digging; or in your vehicle if dragging or riding a cart or wagon
  • Players can dig, flatten, level and pack, and mine from carts and wagons
  • Dredged dirt goes into ships
  • 5x peat, tar, clay and moss dug per action 
  • Alternative concrete crafting recipe enabled (rock shards + clay = concrete!)
  • Surface mine succeeds 100%
  • Average of 50 dirt dug until you hit rock
  • Minimum mining hits required is 41


  • Deeds are free!!!  But monthly upkeep is enabled with standard wurm fees
  • Vote for our server and receive 10 copper daily, added directly to your upkeep
  • Deed upkeep will increase if the mayor is offline for more than 30 days
  • Mailing items is totally free, including the 1c COD mailing fee
  • Right click your body or your hand to see how much you have in your bank
  • Bounties for creature kills and buries
  • Road & tower construction paid with permissions


  • Hitching mod allows hitching new creatures to carts and wagons, from chickens to champions
  • Pets will not unhitch when a new pet is tamed/charmed/etc.
  • Hitched creatures will not attack
  • Animals will not unhitch due to ageing or becoming untamed 
  • Players will not stop leading creatures when they embark a vehicle
  • Carts and wagons are modified to go faster
  • All boats have increased loading range


  • Customized starter gear added including a basic sickle, pelt, pendulum, and butcher knife (on death these will stay on your corpse, along with your backpack and most things in your backpack)
  • Moon metal chance when mining is enabled
  • All mailboxes start with 30 level enchant
  • Prospecting mine floors works the same way as surface prospecting
  • Healing covers show their strength in the name
  • Bulk storage bins have lots of increased capacity, crates are quadruple normal capacity - small holds 600 item, large holds 1200 items
  • Move to center and move to corner enabled
  • Fires, forges, ovens etc show the burn time left when examined
  • Custom horse names added
  • CA tab automatically opens.  Customized Info tab 
  • Some weapons and armour is customized  Link to specifics
  • Treasure maps drop from digging, hunting, mining and fishing. See here for full info
  • Individual characteristics and skills control allows us to tweak things for better balance
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I just wanted to say your post does an excellent job of describing your server and what it's all about! I currently play on the new Sklotopolis server (which is great) but am very tempted to give yours a try, mainly because there is no ability to buy silver. I am not against buying silver and have done so myself, but I think it has a HUGE impact on how a server and its economy develops. There is something about actually earning your silver that appeals to me. Oh, and you have the terraforming to/from your wagon mod which I adore and have missed greatly lol :D


Anyway, very well done on the server and your post :)


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Thanks so much Kamiraa!  I appreciate it.  Would love to have you come over and try out my server.  :) 

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