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Finndar's Second Sale For Cheap People! (And a few rares)

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First up, some rares - the cheap stuff is in the next section!

QL78 rare Stone Chisel - CoC81, WoA81 - 5s

QL43 rare Branding Iron - 1s

QL81 rare Pickaxe - CoC66, WoA89 - 5s

QL80 rare Hatchet - CoC73, WoA79 - 5s

QL18 rare Frying Pan - 3s

QL54 rare Rope Tool - 2s

rare unfinished forge - 10s


Cheap Tools

QL68 saw - CoC54, WoA77 - 15c

QL76 saw - CoC79, WoA64 - 25c

QL77 saw - CoC42, WoA40 - 10c


QL5 pickaxe - CoC66 - 25c

QL9 pickaxe - CoC73 - 25c

QL11 pickaxe - CoC59 - 25c

QL16 pickaxe - CoC57 - 25c

QL34 pickaxe - CoC62 - 15c

QL48 pickaxe - CoC55 - 15c

QL50 pickaxe - CoC51 - 10c

QL59 pickaxe - CoC30 - 10c

QL61 pickaxe - CoC13, WoA36 - 10c

QL68 pickaxe - CoC48 - 10c

QL77 pickaxe - CoC83, WoA78 - 25c

QL79 pickaxe - CoC40, WoA39 - 10c

QL81 pickaxe - CoC67 - 20c


QL49 steel pickaxe - CoC54, WoA72 - 25c


QL35 rake - CoC33, WoA46 - 10c

QL36 rake - CoC40 - 10c

QL50 rake - CoC72 - 15c


QL44 stone chisel - CoC46, WoA44 - 10c

QL77 stone chisel - CoC91, WoA60 - 25c

QL78 stone chisel - CoC71, WoA99 - 25c


QL20 hatchet - CoC24 - 10c

QL29 hatchet - CoC42 - 10c

QL36 hatchet - CoC76 - 10c

QL58 hatchet - CoC20 - 10c

QL77 hatchet - CoC94, WoA75 - 25c


QL25 small anvil - CoC20 - 10c

QL27 small anvil - CoC31 - 10c

QL55 small anvil - CoC65, WoA25 - 10c

QL76 small anvil - CoC62 - 15c

QL76 small anvil - CoC63, WoA80 - 25c


QL77 large anvil - CoC79, WoA72 - 25c


QL35 leather knife - CoC29 - 10c

QL38 leather knife - CoC54 - 10c

QL40 leather knife - CoC32 - 10c

QL56 leather knife - CoC54 - 10c

QL66 leather knife - CoC61, WoA71 - 20c


QL68 trowel - CoC40, WoA54 - 15c


QL93.5 hammer - CoC93, WoA92 - 50c

QL64 hammer - CoC90 - 25c


QL82 rope tool - CoC51, WoA61 - 25c

QL79 rope tool - CoC66, WoA65 - 25c

Edited by Finndar

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I will take the ql 93 hammer with coc 93 and woa 92 50c's also I want ql 77 hatchet with high coc 94 and woa 75 for 25 c's cod to psisimian

one last one stone chisel coc 71 woa 99 at 70ish ql to psisimian

wicked deals Finndar ill leave the rest for other people to peruse but thanks again..

Edited by Psalamon

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QL68 saw - CoC54, WoA77 - 15c to Gwyn please and thank you

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Sory im withdraw this is branding not barding haha

Good luck on sale 

My mistake

Edited by Spy

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COD to Crystallee please

QL66 leather knife - CoC61, WoA71- 20c

QL82 rope tool - CoC51, WoA61 - 25c

Thank you :)

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