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Pinewood Redoubt looking to recruit

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Greetings Everyone.


I am a returning player. Though i wasnt all that experienced before. I have had my own deed before, and i have one again. So i am looking to recruit a some people. All i am looking for is a few somewhat serious players. New or old. Just want you to be active and wanting to play. I dont play to grind. Though i will if i need a certain thing done and have no other way to get it done. When i build and as i develop my deed I want to try and do it realistically. I am going for a fort/frontier village type feel. Want buildings to match and such. Its really early in devolpment. I have a mine, a pen and a few carts. I have one spot set aside for a commonhouse and thats it. So i dont have much to ofer but a place to work and level your skills. 


Located Southern E15 

Deed is currently 41x31

Player homes can be figured out as it comes up. I wont make you live in a shack.


Have a Spirit Templar for protection

Mine has Iron, copper, rocksalt so far


After that i hope either we have learned to work well together. Or atleast become friends and helped you settle your own deed nearby. 


Any other question message me here or ingame. (Taog or Alarikgengod)


Thank you for reading.




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Taog's a cool dude. He plays regularly. His settlement definitely has a frontier feel to it. 

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