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Sale - Enchanted mats, pelts and whetstones for cheap

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Hello again dear fellow Wurmians :)

As cleaning of mess called my house continues, i have to offer you another batch of cheap enchants, this time it's junk from my magic chest. Prices are listed in the last column on images, post here or message me ingame if you want something and i will cod from 101 courier mailbox (I know it doesn't really matter but i like to brag about it :)).

Ofcourse as usual C is for Circle of Cunning, W for Wind of Ages and B for Blessing of the Dark (equivelent to coc and woa combined)

Also if you need cheap tools check my other sale post, a few of them is still left for sale ;)

Cheers :) 






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[22:39:14] <Grumpled> b87 rat pelt and b75 iron lump to this account please?


sold ingame 

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