Summerholt Fall Festival, November 10-12 2017, by NEXA

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The North East Xanadu Alliance (NEXA) is hosting its first community-wide event on November 10 - 12, 2017, the Summerholt Fall Festival. NEXA is based out of Summerholt on Xanadu, and many events are planned in the area and at the nearby Amish Estates, the NEXA Market and Sanctuary, and Amish Farms.


Map of Area:





While we will have many people offering imps and other specialty items, the main purpose of the event is to host a number of fun carnival-style events. These games are free and open to all members of the Wurm Online community.


The specifics (dates, times, locations) of the games are still in planning and will be released soon. As a preview, we will include:


  • Sailboat circuit races,

  • A horse race (the “Summerholt 5000”),

  • Fishing contests,

  • A horse breeding contest,

  • A pie-making contest,

  • Musical chairs,

  • And everyone’s favorite “Needle in the Haystack”.


Bring out your priests! We will also be hosting 24/7 sermons at the NEXA Market and Sanctuary.



Why another impalong?

        You can never have enough events in a game like Wurm Online. We realize there have been a lot of impalongs lately, but our close knit family of over 100 deeds prefers to stay close to home while we tend to our sheep, sow our fields, build our castles, and grind our skills. We feel that the next best thing to going to an impalong event is hosting an event ourselves.   


Wait, is this an impalong?

Yes, we will have highly skilled players around doing item improvements for tips. Most materials will be provided, but there may be some instances where some rarer materials will need to be sourced.


Is this just a marketing event?

        No, unlike other impalongs, we could care less if you shop at our amazingly stocked and competitively priced markets.


Can we…? How about a...? Will there be a....?

        Probably, post here or send a message to the Event Coordinator before 1 Nov.


Festival Personnel:

        Event Coordinator: Jackjones, NEXA

        Host with the Most: Aniceset, NEXA Founder

        Animal Handler: Olafhairybreeks, NEXA Founder

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This event got full support from Glasshollow Market team!   if anything is needed just need to be told!

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Bump for the impalong, it's starting today! Grab your priests, newbies, talents and stuff and come spend time with us imping, doing sermons and attending to all the events! :) 

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I'm new to events -- and Wurm in general -- and hope I'm not disruptive here by asking a couple of newbie questions.

Firstly, how does an impalong work and how much does it generally cost?

Second, since it's probably a large community event, how taxing is it on frame rates for someone with a low spec rig?

Thanks a lot in advance. :)

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Well, you're gonna like it, since it's completely free. :) You are free to donate stuff for the event managers if you want, but that is not required for the attending. You can bring your tools, weapons, even a ship if you own one for the crafters to improve them. And as I said, completely free. People do it for fun, for having a great time with each other and getting higher and higher skill alongside. We also do sermons the whole time, those priests there really thank for appearing there and being a listener will help them to get better gains for the priesting skills. 


Not sure of the low spec rig, I'd say you come and try out. I'm pretty sure it's not gonna be that huge of an event that your game becomes unplayable when you arrive on area and you can also be online when it's not too crowded, if that's the case.


Be sure to drop by and spend some time with us! :) 

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We got the BEST bartender, check out drink menu during the festival!


[17:31:46] <Timowicz> I am waiting for delivery of some flasks and jars, they should arrive in an half an hour and I will be able to serve you same drinks afterwards :) If you have your own, you can come down to

[17:32:19] <Timowicz> NEXA Sanctuary token and taste some beverages, brewed both locally and imported from the south.

[17:33:46] <Timowicz> I have some non-alcoholic beverages too in case you need a hydration. There are three barrels in the kitchen, lemonade, parsley tea and strawberriesade.

[17:35:05] <Timowicz> I have some down here too as well as wide variety of booze. Pale ale, vodka, special brew, rice wine, moonshine, pilsner, white wine, cider, bitter, lemon gin, mead, red wine from the south, brown ale

[17:35:27] <Timowicz> and apple gin :) Can import more, if there is interest in something specific.


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7 hours ago, Etherdrifter said:

Well now, I may sail down.


Is there a nice area for dedicated Fo priests?


Hello dear, of course there is. I've made a rare Fo altar for all of the dedicated Fo priests at the Sanctuary, where all the sermons are. ;) If there's something you need, just give us a shout!

Edited by Kadmint

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