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DRC - Trealia ==NEW!! Since September 2017==

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Trealia welcomes you!


A new world ready to be claimed by ambitious adventurers!


But be wary, this world is not without dangers...

Wild beasts and monsters lurk around every corner, hungry for fresh meat.


Luckily the first settlers and adventurers were able to build a magnificent little town in which

to receive newcomers and be safe from all harm.

Complete with places to train skills from pottery to fighting, a mine for iron, a big cathedral, wonderfully decorated...

And of course a big harbor and market...

It may make it hard for you to ever leave!


But alas, you can't stay there forever, soon, you will want a place of your own to safeguard all your hard-earned money and items,

and lay claim to your own little piece of this new and untouched world.


Trealia is waiting...




We have implemented an extensive list of mods that generally serve to improve Quality of Life and/or add some realism.

Skillgain: x3

Action Speed: x5

Mob Count: 150.000

Aggro Rate: 40%

We have a very active Discord community.

All public information and maps can be found on our website:

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