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Mighty-Mattock-Mod is a mod to do various terraforming tasks. It uses a custom tool, the pick mattock. And with this tool, you can: chop down trees, collect resources like clay, dig, mine down surface rock or a cave floor, pack, raise up dirt, and raise up a surface rock tile or a cave floor tile. 



* To change slopes, whether it be dirt or rock, activate the mattock and use it on a tile border. Dirt or concrete is required either in inventory or nearby on the ground. With this mod your essentially changing the corner on the opposite end of the targeted border. Many of these r-click menu options will be grouped under Terraform>

* To collect resources, activate and use on a resource tile, choose "Collect resource".

* To chop down trees, activate and use on a tree or bush tile, choose "Cut down".

* To pack, activate and use it on a packable tile, choose "pack"

* A level 5 gm can use the chat command "/MightyMattockMod properties" to reload the properties file while the server is running. You don't need to restart the server to change the configure options.


And that usage list is basically it. This mod intentionally has very few restrictions. I tried to only include limits that had to be there because they would otherwise break the game.

Some common limitations this mod is missing: you can make any slope with any skill on rock or dirt, this completely replace all dredge functionality, you don't have to remove dirt from 4 tiles to surface mine the center corner, you can mine down surface rock in one hit, you can dig and mine at any depth.


: The properties file :

* The JSON strings are for configuring the time interval of the action timers. This mod doesn't use WU's code for this purpose. Use the 4 skill and time values to define a linear line function for calculating action time. It's very important that the format of the JSON strings is perfect, basically just change the numbers to configure it.


: How to get mod :

* Required Ago's server modloader:

* Mod's zip releases on GitHub (and the project source):

* To install the zip file unpack it into the WU-server root folder. It is packaged with a "mods" folder so it should put things where they need to be. 

* I highly recommend getting Bdew's Better Tooltips client mod:

This is because the mouse over tooltips doesn't work well with the custom mattock tool.


: Uninstall affects :

* This mod adds two new item templates the pick-mattock head(modloaderId jdbPickMattockHead) and the pick mattock(modloaderId jdbPickMattock). Uninstall will result in them being missing or mismatched item templates. I used modloader's Id generator tool.

* Players will be able to create terraforming with this mod that one couldn't make otherwise. Terrain changes won't revert if this is uninstalled.


: Compatibility :

* This mod uses custom actions and because of this basically all mods designed to work with similar vanilla WU actions won't change the mod. Although, this mod won't break them or WU either. WU will keep working as it did before, as well will the other mods. Mighty mattock just adds another option.


: Notes :

* The selected bar graphics are missing. I don't know how to fix this with just the server mod.

* If you try to mine rock below water more then -100 it won't work. Wurm uses that value as a default for an un-mined tile. This default functionality is something I don't want to deal with.

* This project is yet another version (and I hope it's the of a task I've been trying to mod for a long time. Here is the thread and I decided to make a new one to keep things relevant:

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update for WU 1.6

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Since nobody else is responding, I'll provide some feedback.  :D


Working well so far, especially with bdew's Custom Actions mod to keybind stuff.  :)  I would *love* to see a level border action instead of having to queue an action for each slope lowered / raised.


One thing I am noticing for surface mining: the rock shards are dropping a few tiles away from me, usually on one of the tiles at the other end of the tile border I'm surface mining.  It almost seems like a "ghost player" is standing over at the other end doing the mining for me.

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@NikalusThank you for the review and your input.

You're not changing the terrain under your feet so it's not going to work like basic WU. For the two tile corners connected to a border, you're changing the one opposite of you. You're effectively changing one tile over. 


It will created the dirt or rock shards on the tile associated with the tile corner your changing. To put it another way, for the four tiles connected to a tile corner, it will always make the resources on the tile to the SE.  In Wurm the tile corner is actually the NW edge of a tile.

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Noticing that the setting to prevent terraforming too close to the server border seems flaky.  I'll get the notification that I can't terraform a tile border because it's too close to the server border, so I switch to a regular pickaxe and surface mine a few times (lowering the target corner once or twice), then try again and it works.  I'm on the default Adventure map, on the island in the far north-east corner.  I know I'm legitimately close to the edge anyway, but I find it odd that after surface mining manually a time or two, I can make a new attempt with the mattock and have it succeed.


Still loving this mod though as a replacement for other Surface Mining fixes that have been abandoned.  :)  Better than having to chip at it forever to lower it 20 slope.

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I need to find that bug. It has something to do with being too far from the target. It's different from changing tiles next to the server boarder even know that is the failure message being relayed back.

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That makes sense, since it succeeds after I move and go back to that end of the tile border.

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It's working fine now. Other than adding level and flatten functions it's pretty much done.

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