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RanasServer is a new, barely touched wurm unlimited server with friendly GMs, and an online map that is updated daily.


We have the following Mods:

  • Better Digging: Dug dirt clay, peat, etc. go to a pile on the ground instead of your inventory. If you are dragging or driving a cart, dirt will go to the cart.
  • Crop Mod: Crops do not turn to weeds over time.
  • Spell Mod: Priests can cast all spells for their light, no priest restrictions.
  • Bounties Mod: Players will earn coins for killing creatures
  • HoTS Fixes: Mycellium Spread, ore cap removed, allow casting of Fungus and Rite of Death.


Currently, there are no deed costs or upkeep for deeds.


These are the current settings:

  • PVP: PVP is currently not enabled
  • Kingdom: Freedom Isles
  • Spawn Point: There is no current spawn point. everyone starts at a random location.
  • Multipliers: 10x skillgain, 10x action timers
  • Characteristic Start: 20
  • Mind Logic Start: 25
  • Body Control Start: 25
  • Fight Skill start: 20 
  • Overall Skill Start: 5 (primarily so digging is not so hard to start leveling)
  • Max Creatures: 20,000
  • Aggressive Creatures: 20%
  • Settlement Upkeep: Off
  • Deeding Costs: Off
  • Trader Max Money: 500 silver
  • Trader Start Money: 100 silver
  • Breeding Time: around 5 Days
  • Field Growth: 8hrs

These settings are subject to change, given consensus of a majority of current players on the server. To request a change, post in the Suggestions forum.

It's currently a fresh, uncut server with few active settlements and few players. certain skills are set high to keep players from getting killed off too quickly and make it easier to establish settlements while the server is still new.


check our forums!

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