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Wyvern Arena

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Wyvern Arena

  • Wyvern Arena: Now Available
    • Wyvern Arena is officially open. Use the action on your body or hand "Teleport to Arena" to begin the process.
    • To play in a group, you must either be in a team with the other player, or have them on your friends list.
      • If the player is not in your team or not on your friends list, they will be considered an enemy.
      • The friends list will ally you with a player and persists through logouts. Teams will not persist through logouts at this time.
      • There is currently a bug where the outline around a player will not update after adding to friends or team.
      • You can resolve this by entering combat with them then breaking it, with both players using "No Target" to reset the outline color.
      • Even if you don't do this, spells that assist allies and similar actions will function properly. The red outlined player will still get healed from Light of Fo for example.
    • Permissions on buildings and other objects should be set by adding the player to friends list and managing it that way.
    • I believe mine doors and gate locks will prevent players from passing if they are not on the permissions. I couldn't test this thoroughly. Players will not be able to enter just because they are "enemies" and the object is off-deed. This is subject to change if the players believe it should.
    • Farwalker twigs and stones are currently disabled on Wyvern Arena.
    • Becoming a champion is disabled. There are no kingdoms, so there will be no champions.
    • Escape will return you to the token of Holdstrong.
      • Due to some technical constraints, I'm going to have it teleport to the token of Holdstrong for the time being.
      • As a work-around, I've implemented a 1-minute action that allows you to teleport to your village token on PvE.
      • I will work on improving this mechanic to truly return you to your previous location, or at least your village token directly, in the near future.
    • Death will give you the full respawn options identical to if you died on the PvE server. You can choose to respawn at Holdstrong, your village, etc.
  • Arena Benefits
    • Upon slaying creatures in Wyvern Arena, players will gain extra rewards:
      • Players will receive 3 times the standard bounty in currency.
      • Players will gain meditation and faith increases for every kill, based on creature strength.
      • Creatures will drop 3 times as many chaos crystals on their corpse when slain.
      • Finally, players will receive 3 times normal fight skill for slaying creatures and players in the arena.
    • Players can of course steal affinities and gain tremendous fight skill by killing other players.
    • Battle ranks will increase from slaying others, despite them technically being in the same kingdom. I may do more with battle ranks shortly.
    • Since players are all considered Freedom Isles kingdom, everyone remains with access to GL-Freedom and Trade chat, cross-server. Just because you play on PvP doesn't mean you need to be isolated from the rest of the playerbase.
  • Notes
    • I screwed up the map generation a little and all the trees are birch. Whoops. I'm just letting it roll for now. I might do a mod to replace all the trees in certain zones to get some variety in the future.

As a single developer, I am unable to test all features fully and ensure quality. I'd like to consider this initial release as a "beta" form. As a result, the Titan system will be delayed for a few more days. While the titans themselves are mostly functional, some of the mechanics around them are not yet. I was too ambitious, and so it will need to be delayed for a short while. This also gives the opportunity to ensure no bugs or exploits exist on the server before the release of the Titans.


Previous Details:



  • Wyvern Arena will be a new 1k by 1k map attached to Wyvern Reborn.
  • The server will have epic settings enabled.
  • Rates will remain the same as Wyvern Reborn with 5x action and 3x skill.
  • Character stats and equipment will cross to the new map.
  • Players will have the option to do a 1 minute action from any location on the PvE server to teleport to a random location on the PvP server.
  • There will be a 3 minute return action, blocked by enemies in local. It will return you to the location came from on PvE.
  • Death will leave your corpse and return you to the PvE server, where you entered.

Important details:

  • Kingdoms and Deeds will be disabled. Teams will be the only way to "ally" with other players.
  • Creatures will reward faith and meditation skill when slain based on my custom formula, currently used to calculate bounty.
  • Bounty rewards will be tripled from slaying creatures in the Arena.
  • New monsters, known as "titan" monsters, will be spawning in the Wyvern Arena map only. They will drop an "artifact" weapon when slain. More details below.
  • The increased bounty, economy on PvE, faith and meditation from slaying creatures, and epic curve act as a catch-up mechanic to allow new players to enter the fray without being at a severe disadvantage.



Extra Tweaks:

  • Horses that are being lead can be equipped and unequipped with gear. No taming requirement.
  • All new creatures including Wyverns, Reapers, and Spectral Drakes will function identically on Wyvern Arena.
  • All spell, weapon, and armour changes present on Wyvern Reborn will carry over to the Arena server:
    • Minimum swing timer reduced to 2 seconds, opening up a faster-paced combat.
    • New weapons: Warhammer, Knuckles, etc.
    • Dual wield experimental changes. It is no longer completely awful.
    • Knives (carving, butcher, sacrifical) have had their damage buffed, and should be viable combat weapons.
    • Phasing weapon enchant exists on all priests to help bypass heavy shield trainers.
  • Over 2 years of bugfixes and minor inconvenience tweaks will also carry over. From minor changes like making logs and leather combinable to a full rework of the rarity window system.

Explaining Why:

Wurm has a PvP system designed for RvR, or rather Kingdom vs Kingdom, combat. Siege weaponry, dozens of people on the battlefield, commanders micromanaging players in a deed defense or raid. This was carried over in full to Wurm Unlimited. During the start, it was okay. There was enough players to somewhat support this concept. However, that is no longer the case. The population of the game has diminished to the point where RvR is no longer a viable strategy for encouraging PvP and the systems at work need to be adjusted to account for that. Beyond that, PvP has a storied history of failing in Wurm Unlimited because of how people interact with eachother. Whether it's a GM losing their head and devastating the server, internal kingdom drama sparking a collapse and inevitable disband, or just a kingdom being so overwhelmingly dominant that nobody leaves deed to PvP, there's always something that people do that ends it all.

My attempt at solving this problem is through the removal of kingdoms, deeds, and tower guards. The arena map is designed for entry, participation, and exit back to PvE. Staying there is not encouraged, but remains an option for those who desire it.

One of the other issues that mixed PvE/PvP clusters have had in the past is encouraging PvP participation from players based in PvE. This is where the free teleportation comes in. They can do a 1 minute action to enter the PvP realm at no cost, with just the equipment in their inventory. They don't get a horse, a cart, a boat, nothing. Just whatever they can hold, and they're dumped at a random location on the PvP server. Maybe it's in a base filled with people. Maybe it's in one of the lakes. Maybe they spawn next to a dragon. All they know is they only had to spend 1 minute to enter a PvP environment and can immediately participate in PvP. They bring their horse gear, lead a horse, and equip it using the new tweak, and they're ready for combat. It's not an hour long boat ride or a 1-way ticket to death.

This brings me to the teleport back. Without a teleport back, players are not required to build a boat after their teleport over to bring their spoils of war back to safety on PvE. Instead, all they need to do is clear the area of enemies, and they're off with the goods. It will be a 3 minute long channel time which will be blocked as soon as someone enters local. Even if you start the channel and get 2 minutes 30 seconds through it, as soon as a player pops your local, the channel will be canceled. I know this may lead to toxic game behaviour where players will sit in other's local preventing their escape, but that's not much different from how farwalker twigs and stones work by default.

Speaking of, farwalker twigs and stones will be disabled as well on Wyvern Arena. Players will not be setting twigs, dying, only to come back using the teleport 1 minute later and immediately twig into combat again.

So if kingdoms and deeds don't exist on the server, what do you get from being in the Arena? Well, on top of having faith and meditation skill ticks from slaying any creature on the map, and the fact that curreny bounty is tripled, there will be a new monster type introduced to the server: Titans. Based on the avatars of Fo, Magranon, Vynora, and Libila, they will be spawned around the server naturally, and slaying one will be quite the task. Here's a little run-down of how titans work:


  • Titans will have absurdly high natural armour, similar to that of the Red Dragon. They will be very slow to damage.
  • Titans will skip all regeneration or "worsening" of wounds. If one gets to 10% and then everyone participating dies because they killed eachother in a bloodbath, it will remain at 10% until it's slain, even if it's the next day.
  • Titans will not hit very hard. Instead, at intervals of life, they will spawn additional creatures nearby. Then they'll cause a lightning strike animation and event message for the whole server to see. Just because we wouldn't want this to be too easy.
  • Defeating a titan will reward a new weapon, which I consider "artifact" weapons, as they are my take on what the artifact weapons should be. There may also be other rewards.


An updated list of server weapon, armour, and spell settings can be found here:

My plan is to open the server up on Friday, September 22nd. The PvE server is of course already available to play, if you'd like to get a head start.

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9 hours ago, Badget said:

How mass spells like lof will work?

Everyone will be hostile by default, as soon as you add them to your team, they will become allied. In the example of Scorn of Libila, team members will be healed, and anyone not in your team will be damaged.

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9 hours ago, MootRed said:

When in Arena, every time i kill a monster/mob i get a meditation and faith tick?

This is correct. Slaying creatures will award faith and meditation skill. These are two of the "time-gated" progression mechanics that would prevent a newer player from scaling up rather quickly. This decision was made to allow players willing to take the risk to obtain a faster "ramp" if you will, along with the epic curve.

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Wyvern Arena is now available. Connect to Wyvern Reborn and use the "Teleport to Arena" body action. More details:



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With the implementation of Supply Depots every 2 hours last Sunday, we've seen an exceptional spike in PvP activity recently. Here's the death tabs from the past few days:

  • [09:43:06 AM] Alexiaselena slain by Eggplant 
  • [11:52:10 AM] Zentil slain by Averagejay Eggplant 
  • [12:01:31 PM] Zentil slain by Averagejay Eggplant 
  • [12:37:56 PM] Katia slain by Averagejay Eggplant 
  • [05:16:40 PM] Cynnthia slain by Sindusk 
  • [11:30:59 PM] Mastavirus slain by Sindusk 
  • [11:33:54 PM] Sindusk slain by Mithraas Hakameda 
  • [04:29:54 PM] Kazui slain by Sindusk 
  • [10:25:25 PM] Sindusk slain by Hakameda Codeine Zentil 
  • [10:25:46 PM] Genocide slain by Hakameda Codeine Zentil 
  • [09:05:46 PM] Genocide slain by Codeine Zentil Melros 
  • [04:27:56 AM] Dilldough slain by Fullstone 
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Here's some chatter from the server logs from the past few days, including the death tabs which get broadcast to GL-Freedom and some of the banter afterwards:


[02:08:36 PM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Tukkihakkuri> slain by Kazui Inlun

[02:08:44 PM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Elxatrix> should go for a swim more often

[02:09:46 PM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Tukkihakkuri> 2 vs 1 .es



[03:14:38 AM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Rowan> slain by Chefric 
[03:18:06 AM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Philander> slain by Chefric 

[03:18:48 AM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Philander> that was a great fight xD
[03:18:56 AM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Drastox> lol
[03:20:05 AM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Chefric> Chefric is begnning to capture an Arena depot!
[03:20:22 AM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Chefric> not took anyting from corpse
[03:20:41 AM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Philander> ty. en route to get stoof
[03:20:51 AM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Chefric> im not an alt, the .
[03:22:45 AM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Dilldough> any one got 70+ql logs they dont need?
[03:23:04 AM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Chefric> Chefric has claimed an Arena depot!



[06:09:00 AM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Coolguy> slain by Chefric 



[11:03:17 PM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Mastavirus> slain by Bambam 
[11:12:21 PM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Nekoexmachina> slain by Mithraas 

[11:12:30 PM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Mootred> that depot caught up with him



[03:13:34 AM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Melros> slain by Kazui Priestess 
[03:13:45 AM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Drastox> oh damn
[03:14:06 AM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Melros> i held my own with no stam for 3 minutes
[03:14:09 AM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Melros> lol
[03:14:46 AM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Drastox> hey that means something
[03:15:08 AM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Melros> guess it means i can . him up haha
[03:15:29 AM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Kazui> Kazui is begnning to capture an Arena depot!



[04:10:09 AM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Donaldson> slain by Kazui Inlun 



[11:03:08 AM] INFO Chat: KSH-<Coolguy> slain by Tukkihakkuri


Edited by Sindusk

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