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CoC PermaDeath 1x 100x PVP | HotA | Treasure Maps

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Discord: v5k3apk



IP for those who have issues with it- Port: 3724


This time when you die your banned, Survival Mod is also added in along with Treasure Maps and Recall Runes

No Local Mod is on for this too so watch your back =)


Survival Mod requires you to stay warm and drink clean water

Recall Runes will allow you to make items, mark a spot then be able to teleport to said spot at will

Treasure Maps is another mod recently released that adds treasure maps from random actions. Pretty sweet mod


Priests are normal - Fast Prays, No Cooldown on faith ticks, but you can't cast all spells.

Meditation is disabled


Another Awesome Map Made by Ausimus






Ash Produce Mod

Better Combat log

Better Digging

Big Container Mod - Not currently enabled

Bounty Mod

Clay+Shards for Concrete

Craftable Pauldrons

Creature Age Mod

Crop Mod

Double Bulk Capacity - Applies to crates, Currently 5x

Fire Burn Time

Forage Sprouts

Harvest Helper

Hitching Post

Inbred Warning

Max Skills - Body Stats capped at 36

Meditate Mod

Mod Tree Farm - Grow trees faster by watering them

Moonmetal mining Mod

Move Mod - Increased Carry Weight and Increased Slope you can go up on Horse/Cart

Move to Center/Corner

No Fatigue

No Fog Spiders - Anti Lag

No Local Tab players - Won't see enemies sneaking up on you

Pick More Sprouts - 5x Sprouts Picked

Prospect Mod

Quality damage Tool Tips - Disabled Currently getting some crash errors

Remove Animal Hording Limits

Sacrifice Mod

Salve Power Mod

Sever Packs Mod

Server Play Counter - Does not count alts but does reflect offline steam accounts

Server Tweaks


Spell Mod

Starter Gear Mod - You start with only a flint and steel

Survival Mod - Alot of changes to survival in WU, Recommend reading Talor's Page on it - Only Setting disabled currently is no crops during winter months

Timer Fix

Tweak Range Weapons - Bows/Siege Weapons can not be fired more then 20 tiles away

Treasure Maps

Recall Runes

Perma Death ofc

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Some tips

1)  Have your deed in the name of an alt. For when you main one rips.

3) Cant use a rune to teleport to a location within 100 tiles.  

4) As of now 1 min use timer.

5) Min Quality to use QL 50

6) Range you can travel with runes is QL=% of server size you can travel. 

7) 30 Favor to use


Treasure maps have some great drops. But you gonna get mess you up stuff from the high level ones.

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I will be recording videos on this server


Also, this is funny:


Priests are normal


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