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Forum Reporting vs Support Tickets

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Inspired by:



So if you can't somehow tie up the /support command to the bugtracker or the corresponding Forums section, in order to make it easier for all you could change the /support UI window in the following way:


When a player types /support, he gets a window with 2 buttons:


1. I need help                               ---->         this spawns the current /support window

2. I want to report a bug             ---->         this opens the Maintenance building subforums


Maybe there is an integrated browser coming in with the UI upgrade, then we could start a thread with detailed explanation, pictures, etc right from the game?


Anyway, this would at least get us rid of these frustrating moments of being told to go and report your thing elsewhere and of the very reason for that PSA.

Save noobs from annoyances and staff from repeating the same thing over and over again.


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