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Forum Reporting vs Support Tickets

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I have been receiving a number of complaints from a small number of people concerning our Moderators and Game Masters telling people to report their issue on the forums instead of telling it to a moderator to report it.  These people seem to want to think that the Mod team is simply being lazy and not doing their job or just not interested in helping them.


The truth is that most of these individuals just like to waste our time with complaints, but I felt it was worthwhile to explain to everyone again why we ask you from time to time to post your non-sensitive issues to the forums.


For fact, we of the team are few and you as members of the community are a lot.  The Support Ticket system is there for you to contact us with sensitive issues, and if we can render immediate aid we will, but if we see it is not something we can help with due to no reimbursement policies or is a general mechanical situation that we have no power to correct and is non sensitive in nature, then we will ask you to post it on the forums and close out the ticket.  This significantly reduces the number of duplicate reports, allowing everyone with legitimate information to participate in a single forum thread instead of many individual tickets for the testing and correction of the issue.


It will not always be obvious to you what we can and cannot correct immediately, but when we do ask you to post in the forums it is not out of ‘bias’, ‘laziness’, or ‘uncaring’.  After all, you know your issue the best.  You know what you did better than we do.  You are in a far better position to detail what happened for testing and replication which allows Alectrys, who heads up our Murphy’s Law dept., to follow up with you on the situation for details that we likely would not think to collect so that the developers can correct the situation in a future update.


If we spent our available time investigating non-sensitive issues that you already know better than us, so that we could report it instead of you, then we would never get through our work each day.


We do this out of respect and desire to help, so please understand that we are not just pushing your issue to the side, it really is important to post such issues to the forum so that the Development team can review the issue and leave the in game support ticket system for ‘sensitive issues’ or  problems that we can work to correct immediately.


I hope this drills home the significance of why we ask you to post non-sensitive mechanical issues on the forums instead of going through the mod team.


Thank you,

Enki (Head Game Master)

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