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Breeding timers frozen

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I've got a dog that I'm breeding that's been stuck on delivering in 4 days for over a week. That's not the only problem, these breeding timers seem to randomly freeze and unfreeze for a day or two at a time, but at least they have so far started again. This one is just stuck. I know that's supposed to be fixed after a server restart, but it's been two days since the last server restart, and it's still stuck. I've been recording it for a week, though it's been like that for more like two. I should have had two new dogs by now; the 4 days one should have given birth and I'd have bred it again and likely gotten another. Apparently, the ingame support team can't make it give birth, I have to wait for the bug to be fixed. Firstly, let's get that bug fixed, but secondly, I think everyone who has had frozen timers should be able to send a request to the GMs to spawn the animals for them that they should have been able to breed. For example, say my timer is stuck for three weeks until it this is fixed, and then it's another four days until the dog gives birth. I should have had time to breed three dogs in that time. I'd like to send my data to a GM, tell them which animal I'd be breeding with which and have them spawn my three dogs that I've lost out on because of the bug, with the same probabilities of getting on conditions and traits from the parents, etc., as if I'd bred them myself.

Here is my data so far:


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