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Welcome to Kyoko's Fine Emporium of Mostly-New Stuff



Hello, young man (or woman).  You look like you could use some of my mostly-new items!

...what's that you say, Wolfey? These items aren't new?  I didn't say they were new.  I said they were mostly new.  In the world of sales, you got to learn to accentuate the positive.

..."In other words, lie"?  I didn't say that, Wolfey!  You want to blow this sale for me?  Just you listen and keep your mouth shut.

Don't you worry about Wolfey over there, he's just trying to critique my amazing selling skills.

As I was saying, I have the finest selection of mostly new items in the land of Wurm.  What can I sell you?


Here is my current inventory:

1 unfinished rare open fireplace - 4.5s

1 ruby 22.48 QL - 22c

1 emerald 45.16 QL - 45c

1 emerald 54.59 QL - 54c

Large Crates of Dirt - 25c/ea

Small Crates of Dirt - 10c/ea


NEW!  I am now proud to announce that I am part of the highway system and can make deliveries all across Xanadu!  If you use the wagoner system, I'll even pay for shipping!


PM me if interested!  And be sure to check back; I may have more items for sale later!


***the "sales pitch" is mostly quoted from a certain old Sierra Online game and is not in any way challenging any copyrights.  If Sierra still exists in any form, please don't sue me.  Thank you***

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Now part of the highway system!

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That's right!  I now have dirt for sale!  PM me for details!

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Pleased to announce that I'm now part of the highway system of Xanadu!  That means that I can deliver goods anywhere within range of the deeds connected to the system and take full advantage of the wagoner delivery system!  Also, PM me or send me a message in Wurm if you'd like 70ish QL metal tools.  I will make them on request and will barter prices upon agreement of goods!

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