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Multi sub object issue with models and bones/dummies

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Ok need some help from a real good modeler hint Saroman. I have some issues which no luck finding info on on web.

You'll at CC know by now my increase in textures but I have stretched this to adding back in the wood textures as well. There are 2 ways to go about this the hard way which will be the way you don't want to go and the easy way you should go.

Hard way:

make a texture for each item with each wood type. Issues: more textures than you need to many textures having to load in memory when near x amount of objects.

Best and correct way:

Make the model multi/sub then make a set of wood grains and a set of second texture then call them on the mapping.txt.


Issue I ran into is when I import the original model into max I'm no modeler so I'm trying to learn here it breaks the bones you have created for animations etc... and turns them into dummies so when I export the model back out after remapping the material id's for example the high chair the sit ability no longer exist. Pic below chair no texture with sit ability and new multi/sub chair with broken sit ability.

I need help in what I need to do to get the sit working again. Do i make new bones? is there something I can do to turn the dummies back to workable bones before exporting. Or are you using dummies and what am i doing wrong on the export to cause them to break?



After making model multi/sub and exporting


Example before making model multi/sub and exporting




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I have to redo a ton of models and make them multi/sub the ones I have issues with is the ones using bones to make animations etc.. like wagons ships chairs with sit ability. I really need some guide here on how to export / fix the bone issues cause in max they which I'm familiar with not maya the bones seem to be made into dummies and a article i read up on said this was a issue with exported maya models being imported into 3dsmax.

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