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Inscribable books

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The idea comes from this thread:

Book Making


The more I think of this, the more I feel like we NEED the ability to create books, even if only for GMs. Signs are just inadequate for conveying info to new players, especially because of disallowed symbols that we might need -- for example, the @ symbol to give them an email address.


Are there any mod makers out there who might take this on?


Here's what would be on my list of ideals:

  1. A book that could be read but not taken away / optional config to allow it to be Taken
  2. Written in, then finalized ("bound"?) so it couldn't be altered by readers / optional config to allow it to be altered
  3. Allowed the use of certain symbols, such as the @ symbol so that GMs could pass along a contact email address, if they wished
  4. Off the ground would be very helpful -- on a stand, like the book of inscriptions at the Altar of Three? or some other model?
  5. Perhaps the author could add, remove, or rearrange pages later...but not an essential feature
  6. If it was somehow a container, so that Bag of Holding would work on it, that would be a serious bonus -- more pages!


Is this do-able?  I don't know enough about code to even know whether it would be easy or difficult. But I know I would LOVE to have such a thing!  :-)




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