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[US Central] Sanctuary of Solace Private Server [PVE with PVP] Up to 10x Skillgain Ramping/10x Action Timers/Events/Silver Rewards/60k Creatures/Friendly & Active Admins

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Wurm Unlimited Server Listing


Sanctuary of Solace is hosting a heavily modified server, expanding and improving on the core mechanics of Wurm and turning it into what it should've been in the first place. We aim to improve Wurm at the core to make an enjoyable and relaxed experience.



Current Server Specifics

  • 4096x4096 Custom map with a high dirt layer for all of your terraforming dreams.
  • 1 Servers: PVE(Sanctuary of Solace) with PVP Zone and HotA Zone
  • 200 Man Server
  • Bounty for creatures, Payment for public roads and guard towers, and silver for voting
  • Wurm Online Like Economy
  • 30ql Starter Kits with 50 ql long sword
  • 5 Silver Given to all new players
  • Completely free-to-play with optional donations
  • 60K Creature Cap with 45% aggro amount
  • Monthly and some Weekly Events
  • PVE with PVP Events



Skill Specifics & Other details

  • Base Skills: 20.0
  • Base Stats: 20.0  25 ML and 25 BC
  • Skillgain Progression:10x with ramping 0-50 skill = 5.0, 60-70 skill = 3.5, 70-80 skill = 2.0, 80-90 skill = 1.5, 90+ skill = 1.2
  • Action Timers: 10x
  • Deed Size from 11 x 11 up to 100 x 100 (PVE only)
  • Deed Upkeep: Enabled but lowered substantially (100 x 100 is just a little over 5 silver)
  • Free Deeds: Enabled
  • Traders: Enabled
  • Breed Timers: 5 RL days (can be lowered with priest spell by 1 day)
  • Crop Timers: 4 RL hours (lowered for cooking, may be raised if need arises)
  • Portals to spawn and from spawn to your deed
  • Portal zones to help you travel the map
  • Player, mount, cart, wagon, and ship speed has been increased
  • Players can carry more
  • No Priest penalties, unlimited prayers, Bone altar and Libila priests added
  • Champion system with up to two champions per steam account
  • Forges hold a 100 ores, crates, bsbs, and fsbs can now hold more
  • All animals that can be led can now be led on water.
  • Custom creatures (zebras, pandas, ocelots, and new dog, chicken, and horse skins)
  • Adoption cards from traders that allow you to purchase rideable dragons, hatchlings, and sea serpents
  • Affinity cards purchased from traders that allow you to remove affinity and trade to other players
  • Ship models show the different colored wood when made
  • Custom Decorations (Wagons, Banners, Tall Banners, Flags, Tapestries, and meditation rugs)
  • PMK wagons, flags, banners, and tall banners
  • Craftable Pauldrons and many other items that are not normally craftable
  • Colosseum with creature spawners
  • Hedge Maze with a different monthly prize
  • Bag of Holding, Refresh, and Modify Gestation spells added to all priests


You can find a full list of mods on our website!


Future Plans and Goals

  • Single Dungeon
  • Group Dungeon
  • Server Quest lines
  • PVP Server (No Sanctuary Here) - Working on map currently



Sanctuary of Solace (Main Server)


We also suggest that our players follow our server guidelines, while we are a more relaxed server, we still expect players to be respectable to one another. You can check out those guidelines here.


We have a small active current team of Developers and Gamemasters on the server. Our team will guarantee that each case/player will be treated with fairness, no bias decisions, and proper investigations in the event that any issues occur. 


Sanctuary of Solace

Sanctuary of Solace Forums


Below are screenshots of some of our features:


Different wood types for ships



Custom Creatures



Adoption Card Dragoons and Hatchlings



Hedge Maze



Custom Wagons





Edited by Asperis

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sounds interesting. what sort of hosting? dedicated or someone like pingperfect?

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Good luck with them, was a true adventure and we would have lost everything due to them if we didnt switch when we did. We had multiple rollbacks and major server issues, but I hope your experience is better. 

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bump for good server, playerbase is growing, come join us

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With so many servers dropping off lately, figured it was time to tell you about this one. It really should be up in the PVE section for players to find more easily, as it is PVE, with specific separate PVP areas for now. A PVP server is in the future if enough demand arises for that. I am strictly a PVE player and this place works out perfectly thus far for me. Where I am, the mobs are dense, the map is beautiful, and there are thousands of amazing deed spots out there. There are quieter areas if mobs are not your joy, however.


The first 50 levels in skills are easy enough to gain, but it ramps up then, is not constant and so there is some grind as you go further along. No Priest restrictions, however spells remain specific to the different deities so demand remains for the different types. I have a Fo and a Mag I play here. The GMs are great and very involved. Server has about 25 deeds, none abandoned, and the core players are daily that I have seen. As usual, only about 20% talk much, but there is almost always someone on and will reply if you ask a question. Spawn has beds to rent and even cottages to assign if you mean to stay and play here to get you started. No noobie villages as such, but with spawn how it is you don't need anything but a cottage there at most to get a great start. It has all the amenities, like mine and food and a racetrack and maze and ...wait, those are extras here :). Roads are extensive but we also have runes and portals as options. Just got treasure hunts added, too. 


Come and play with us, find out what a very stable and independent server is like with a solid core of players to back you up with knowledge. Far as pingperfect goes, it was in Houston and never went down or faltered throughout Harvey. I expected issues, was sympathetic, but it was wasted. The server played on, and so are a nice core of serious, longtime players here you are welcome to come and join.

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Yahoo! We have drakes in game! I love riding mine and how darn fast they are! I never thought Asperis could tempt me from my hell horses, but this mod... okay, I am riding a drake for now. He just might win that challenge after all. He is always surprising us with something new. Drakes and Rift monsters are the most recent changes around the old server.


Posting to tell you about this server, which I been playing on for months now. I was among the first to deed on it and can tell you some things honestly. It is a stable place to play, supported well by the owners, Asperis and LadyTasha. Up-time was awesome until recent issues at the host which ended in a new hard drive and some maintenance which lowered the numbers but nothing was lost and things happen.  It is under Mixed, but is really a PVE server except for the Hunt of The Ancients. Avoid that and you are not going to have PVP around to worry about.


Lots of deeds here, lots of very experienced players also, but, you can easily go for hours with no one else on with you. This server was born as a result of the owners losing their games because a prior server owner just pulled the plug one day on them and who cares? They cared, and made Sanctuary of Solace and if your deed is paid, it will be there when life lets you play more. I feel some faith it will be online and they care about MY game, not just their own.


If you want a beautiful server, with mods you haven't even thought about wanting yet, and a starter town to support the newbie as completely as you can be challenged in the countryside if you elect to head out direct, Sanctuary of Solace has it all. Generally it is an adult server, no silliness or griefing tolerated here. Just fun, and challenges abound. Lots of experience to tap into when anyone logs on. Santa is in town these days, so it is a good time to come by and find out if we are your server too. 


Wherever you play Wurm, Have a Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!, this drake is fast! :)

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