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What is a Heritage site?

A Heritage site in relation to Wurm Online is any construct deemed of community value by the Game Masters.


What makes a 'construct' or location a Heritage site?

Most current heritage sites are tunnels or canals built for the express transit across a terrain that saves people travel time by making it possible to bypass some form of terrain restriction.  Heritage Sites are not always about travel time reduction.  Some are memorials or can be a terraforming construct of unique significance.  All Heritage sites are built by members of the community for the benefit of the community. 


What are the criteria for applying for Heritage site status?

a. Must be of value to the community.  (ie.  a canal that residents of the server use routinely for convenience.)

b. It must look nice!  (We do not mean structures that must be maintained, but the terrain must be made to be distinct and noticeable.)

c. There must not already be an existing Heritage performing the same function as the one you wish to submit.

d. It must always be public access!

e. If it is a tunnel or canal all interior walls must be reinforced.


How long does the application process take?

It is not uncommon for heritage applications to require extended review, but the average for heritage application reviews is about one week.


What does having a location accepted as a Heritage site actually mean?

We will always post Fantastic GM signs around a protected Heritage location, and should something happen to the Heritage location we will work with the original builders if possible to restore the Heritage as it was intended.  Heritage sites should not be modified or harmed.  Any needed modifications must be approved by the Game Masters.


What if a Heritage Site is damaged?

A support ticket should be raised and a Game Master will work to restore the Heritage site and or contact the original builders for assistance in correcting the situation.


What if I want to modify a Heritage site?

Acceptable modifications would include updating to any new mechanics.  Unacceptable modifications would be structural changes to the Heritage unless it was a Game Master approved request from the original builders.   All intended changes must meet with the approval of the Game Masters.


Can I deed a Heritage Site?

Heritage approval does not prevent a heritage from getting a deed placed on it somewhere.  It is not against the rules to place or extend a deed over a Heritage.  Any deed that intersects with a Heritage must apply highway rules in that no attempt to block access to the heritage must be made and K.o.S. via Deed Reputation mechanics may not be used.  If you have a deed over a heritage area, you still retain the deed permitted right to work the land as you see fit as deed owner except for the actual surface areas marked by GM sign that are significant to the Heritage. (ie. canal entrances)  Deeds may not be used to mine into or disrupt a heritage cave or canal.




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