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wts POTTERY up to QL70 & other bulk stuff!

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Welcome to my shop! 


Selling POTTERY - any kind - and other stuff!




Pottery Bricks           - 2s70c/1k 

Pottery Shingles                           - 2s / 1K

Logs low QL (<40)                        - 1s / 1k

Stone bricks                                   - 1s / 1k



Pottery up to QL70!

Bowls, Smelting Pots, Planters, Jars and others -  8-10c each - FOR BIGGER ORDERS WE CAN NEGOTIATE



Currently available: 

100 x Pottery planters QL 50 - 10c / each

(if you want to buy more we can discuss the price :) 

 1k x Logs low QL (<40) - 1s / 1k


Pick up at Xanadu o8 Lunar Academy or FREE delivery on the coastal area! [only all boats canals]


Localization: Xanadu o8

Name in game: Julietta

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how much would you ask for 540 pottery planters improved and made to 50QL? 





edit: Order never delivered, not even part of it as promised.

Edited by Themystrix
failure to deliver promised goods
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