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Whitefay starter deed redesign!

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Hi Everyone! 


Whitefay needs your help!


We're looking for players to form groups and submit design ideas for the Whitefay starter deed, just like we've done for other servers.


The layout is fairly simple, the deed is a set size of 41x41, and has a large perimeter, we're looking for a design that shows off what's possible in the game, as well as fit in with the local style.


We'll be taking entries for the next two weeks, then you will all have the opportunity to vote on which one you want to represent your server.


Entries will need to have a deedplanner file of the proposal, a few screenshots from deedplanner, and a little blurb detailing your proposal.You don't have to worry about materials, as we'll provide them all. (Assembly required, extra nails and shafts may be found at the bottom of the box)


The current deed plan is available here:

So grab a friend or three, and get planning!


Entry timeframe closes when this counter expires:


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