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Rotgut's General Store

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Hi everyone and welcome to my shop. I can offer almost any type of bulk goods for sale: nails, planks, veggies, sprouts, bricks/mortar, dirt, clay, etc. you name it! I am located at Xanadu G23, Summerholt lake, which is easily accessible for ships via underground canal system at G23/24 or H23/24. I can also offer delivery to coastal areas (except for Chaos) or delivery by wagoneer if you happen to live on Xan.





Small Nails 1.5s/1k

Large Nails 2s/1k

Ribbons 5s/1k

Rivets 2s/1k

Fence Bars 1.5s/100



Arrow shafts 1s/1k

Floor Boards 5s/100

Pegs 1s/1k

Planks 1s/1k

Shafts 1s/1k

Support Beams 5s/100; current stock - 100

Wood Shingle 1s/1k



Bricks (round stones/sandstone) - 2s/k; current stock: 9k sandstone bricks

Slabs (stone/sandstone) - 3s/k; current stock: 2k sandstone slabs

Colossus bricks - 3s/k

Mortar - 2.5s/k

Colossus - 12s (price can be reduced down to 4s if you provide construction materials)



Clay, dirt, peat, sand, tar - 1s/1k


Please note - all prices above are set for creation ql, if you want specific ql pm me and we'll negotiate.


Farming (animals) and forestry products current stock and prices:




Barley - 4.9k 99+ ql - 1s/k

Buffalo cheese - 9.2k 89+ ql - 2s/k

Cabbage - 12k 99+ ql - 1s/k

Carrot - 12.8k 99+ ql - 1s/k

Cheese - 64k 83+ ql, 36k 99+ ql  - 2s/k

Chestnut - 1.5k 79+ ql - 3s/k

Corn - 48.3k 99+ ql - 1s/k

Cucumber - 13.4k 99+ ql - 1s/k

Dough - 3s/k

Feta cheese - 44.7k 95+ ql - 2s/k

Flour - 2s/k

Garlics - 157.1k 99+ ql - 1s/k 

Green apples - 18.2k 69+ ql - 3s/k

Green grapes - 5k 90+ ql - 3s/k

Honey (ql 70+) - 20c/small barrel

Lemons - 10.9k 76+ ql - 3s/k

Lettuce - 11k 99+ ql - 1s/k

Milk (cow, sheep) - 20c/small barrel (current stock - 300 barrels of cow milk, 200 barrels of sheep milk)

Oat - 8k 97+ ql - 1s/k

Onions - 11.6k 99+ ql - 1s/k

Orange - 2.1k 85+ ql - 3s/k

Pea pods - 20.1k 99+ ql - 1s/k

Pine nuts - 9k 85+ ql - 3s/k

Potatoes - 18k 99+ ql - 1s/k

Pumpkin - 10k 99+ ql - 1s/k

Red cherries - 2.4k 88+ ql - 3s/k

Rye - 9.6k 98+ ql - 1s/k

Strawberries - 6.2k 99+ql - 1s/k

Sugar Beet - 9.5k 99+ ql - 1s/k

Tomato - 10.9k 99+ ql - 1s/k

Wheat - 4.1k 99+ ql - 1s/k




Beeswax - 1s/k

Cotton - around 66k 90-99 ql - 1s/k

Paper - 1.5s/k

Waxed paper - 2.5s/k

Wemp (plants) - 72k 99+ ql - 1s/k

Wool - 71k 90+ ql - 1.5s/k


Sprouts (all 1s/100):

Apple – 3.9k 51+ ql

Birch – 1.6k 53+ ql

Blueberry - 100 57+ ql

Camelia - 100 57+ ql

Cedar – 3.6k 51+ ql

Cherry - 1.5k 56+ ql

Chestnut – 1.8k 52+ ql

Fir – 1.3k 51+ ql

Grape – 6k 57+ ql

Hazelnut - 300 52+ql 

Lavender – 600 54+ ql

Lemon – 11.6k 51+ ql

Linden - 400 53+ ql

Maple - 300 51+ ql

Oleander - 600 55+ ql

Olive - 200 54+ ql

Orange - 1.7k 53+ ql

Pine – 4.3k 54+ ql

Raspberry - 100 52+ ql

Rose - 1k 55+ ql

Walnut - 1.2k 51+ ql


Discounts are provided for large orders and/or pickup, minimal order for free delivery to your coast - 5s.


I also take orders on single items (like ships, wagons, tools, lamps, leatherworking items, beehives or furniture) and offer imping services with the following skills:

blacksmithing (90), carpentry (90) (fine carp 80, shipbuilding 75), leatherworking (90), masonry (90) (stonecutting 90).


To make an order, pm me here or in-game. If you want something that is not in the list, feel free to ask, I'll see what I can do. I accept silver and referrals (those count as 6s) as payment.

My time zone is UTC+3.


Looking forward to our cooperation 😃

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Ordered some bulk and got it at a great price. Would definitely recommend!

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Would like to discuss a discount on a big Wemp purchase.

Edited by Sunti

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Bump and update.

Sunti, pm me if you're still interested.

Edited by Rotgut

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Bump and update. Got some bricks in stock now.

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I ordered two crates of mixed veggies and got a Wagoner delivery the next day.

5/5 stars for great service

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