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Internal shakeup...

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Today I had to remove one of our Game Masters for violating our internal code of conduct concerning actions they had taken in the past.  I had only recently been made aware of the action committed, and while the action itself was outside of the game and ultimately resulted in nothing as far as I know, the fact that it happened was not something I could support one of our team members doing.


I have long held internal guidelines of conduct to which I hold our team members to a higher standard than I do our players.  The action that took place I would not have even concerned myself with if it had been a player that committed it. 


It is public knowledge what happened now, so I can say that the action that was committed was that one of our members who was a brand new Game Master at that time in 2015 was given access to a third party kingdom forum by one of their disgruntled members.  Their regular member forums were accessed by him.  He did not hack, he did not break any rules, he simply did something that had the potential to gain an advantage over an adversarial party in game.  As I said, had this just been normal people I would not have cared one bit.


His work with us has been solid in his Game Master responsibilities and I have nothing but good admiration for the energy and effort he has provided us.  For now though, he understands his mistake and accepts the consequences. 


To stop the rumors... NO, he is not banned from Wurm Online.  NO, he has not been "fired"   He violated no rules, he only committed an out of game act that I could not support and as a consequence I have removed him from his responsibilities.  Perhaps down the road he might be willing to return with a better understanding of what I expect of our team members.  For the time being other team members are stepping up to help cover all the internal management and duties that he performed for us.


/Enki (Head Game Master)

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