New Deed on Celebration - the opportunities are endless!

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Hello Fellow Wurmians!


  • Do you love designing a new village, but don't want to have to deal with the responsibilities of your own deed?
  • Are you interested in playing on Celebration as part of a very active, quirky, and fun alliance?
  • Do you like collaborating with others?


I have a new land claim (Carcassone), and I am looking for a dedicated player (new or veteran) who is interested in working together to make a beautiful new deed.

The location is M12 on Celebration. It has coastal access, and a mine (which I have yet to explore). There is no guard tower at the deed, but there is one not too far away. The size of the area is not huge. I'm trying to keep it to 1s upkeep for now.

However, since nothing is built yet, there is a lot of room for your imagination and mine.


A little about you:

You are self directed, but communicative. The ability to collaborate, communicate, and act maturely is a must. Hopefully you will stick with the deed for a while and play often. Your skills and interests don't matter to me. This deed and what you grind is an open book!. 


A little about me:

I am pretty non-competitive on PvE, and don't grind much just for the sake of grinding. I enjoy taking my time in wurm, and meeting and helping other players. I also enjoy exploring and hunting, and am skilling up to play PvP in the future.

I've been playing Wurm for about 2 years on and off, and consider myself a mid level player. My real life location is in the central US time zone (UTC -6:00). I play some evenings during the week and most weekends.


message me here or in game @ sarai / belacane if you are interested in joining me!




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Welcome to Cele. I'm Wikidvudu from Misfits Hunting Lodge. Around O-16. I have 2 deeds over there and lots of supplies if you need help with anything.we also have a few market stalls with tools, etc. :)

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Recruiting again. 

And the deed is still fairly blank.

PM sarai or belacane in game if you're interested

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Hi guys, I just visited your village and it looked great (except for all the trolls who wander around). I am Italian, so we'll probably have different playing time. but I hope to find you online and been able to help. see you online.


ps my name in game is Cucciolo.


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