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Looking for a squire

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Hello Good Wurmians o/


I've always been a Lonewolf and I always wanted to live alone within my borders. Thou I've always tried to help new players by visiting their deeds and helping on place, teaching them there as well as traveling and looking for lost souls wandering through the land. Now I find no time for staying in others deeds but I can use some company, as well as show very basics, share my knowledge, give opportunities and introduce new souls into our world. 


I'm looking for eager new players, one player exactly, one player who's eager to learn, who's willing to work and who's not afraid of any tasks. Mostly I'm looking for someone who likes adventurer's life just like me, who's bold enough to go out a deed for few days to hunt, fighting for survive as well as getting rewards and knowledge about land that we live on, and when we return, we keep trying to do our best working on our very own land.


Living with me might be tough, I'm not offering you free items, enchants, glory or money for you and your family. I'm not even particulary interested to encourage you. But that's what Wurm's life is about. It's not always easy, it's not always rewarding, it might be rough, but afterall you're getting more satisfy if you feel responsibility for your every step and you know that you earned everything just by yourself. 


In short who I'm looking for:

- New player

- Eager to learn and work

- Player who loves to hunt and travel

- Trusted person, possibly with recommendations from old Wurm's pricks.

- Possibly some kinda Roleplay guy.

- Curious about World


I've created simple recruiting form to fill up and post in this topic or through PM. I'll choose player who's application is most interesting to me. Don't ask me what I'm looking and expecting from you, just write down everything that I'm asking.


Application form:

Your nickname:

Who are you:

How long you've been playing Wurm/ when did you start:

What are you expecting from joining me:

What are your plans:

What's your trade or who you want to be:

Recommendations from other players (Not necessary, but if you have any I'll check it!):

Are you up to for some kinda Roleplaying:


What I'm offering:

- Place to live on

- Whole my knowledge about Wurm

- Some basic stuff, you'll gain more if you earn my trust and if you show me that I'm not wasting time

- Possibility of earning huge amounts of coins (optional)

- Rewards and promotions for your progress

- Traveling together, guides around our great and beutiful world, tips about how to survive

- Fighting practices.

- Different tasks.

- At very last own plot in my castle or founding a new deed next to it just for you. But that's you gonna earn first. 

- Much more! But basically you're starting with food, water and bed in lowest dungeons, rest depends only on you! 


Doesn't matter where do I live and what's my deed. If I choose you, I'll give you all infos!

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Oh a squire! I clicked thinking you're looking for a squirrel :rolleyes:

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25 minutes ago, Explora said:

Oh a squire! I clicked thinking you're looking for a squirrel :rolleyes:

I don't care, might be a squirrel if will send application and intrest me enough :)

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Traveling, "surviving" and making my own stuff is something that i loved to do in my Wurmian history. There were often times where i took off from the village for the sake of exploring (i really wanted to be able to survive on my own out there, but it was really tough without the proper preparation -- eventually got to the point where i could hold my ground in most of situations), had my share of deaths and hours spent traveling back attempting to retrieve my corpse. There have been times where i wished i could have shared my travels and experiences with someone else.


This recruiting concept makes me wonder how it would have turned out if i started my Wurm experience under a "master's" wing with a knack for traveling -- the dangers we would have faced, the campfires in the open...


Interesting concept Alkhadias, Wurm needs more players with this kind of spirit imo.

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Actually not. My first Squire didn't quite stood up to my requirements. He did a great job, however interest in paying only jobs wasn't exactly what I'm looking for. But that's not all. I'm planning to change my idea a bit, to make a proper adjustments and balance typical players needs, as well as my own expectations. If there are still bunch of real adventurers, hunters and promising, interested in little role play style players, I'm willing to still receive their applications. I'm interested in new and returning players, to help them out, and offer everything, that I've posted here. In return I expect to create a nice community, with all of the valors I'v mentioned so far. More info soon!

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Hi Alk!!
Still looking for a squire? I'm assuming this is abandoned since you never posted any "more info soon" and such. I'm also assuming you're not looking for a squire anymore.
Well, I'll fill out your recruitment form anyways. 

Your nickname: Adog

Who are you: I'm not good at describing myself. I will do work for free if I think it'll benefit me or if it's for a specific person and not the vague notion of a community. Won't do huge amounts of work for free tho. Also I get chatty when mining I've noticed.

How long you've been playing Wurm/ when did you start: Since ... February 16th. Wow that's 90 days ago.

What are you expecting from joining me: Random trinkets. But most importantly knowledge. Don't need glory, don't need coc'd tools, don't need free imps.

What are your plans: Make my own deed, build a colossus and dye it BRIGHT HOT PINK, get 99 mining, y'know, the usual.

What's your trade or who you want to be: My trade hasn't quite settled yet. I'll definitely be working in the mines, and I'll probably dabble in beverages. ((Probably bulkmake mortar too lol.)) Anything beyond that is fickle. Now for who I want to be ... a traveler, one foot in my deed and the other in a vehicle. Some short trips, few long trips, always returning to my deed to restock and dump my loot. Say 75% in-deed and 25% traveling. Alone, no close neighbors, probably in an alliance, minding my own business and chatting sometimes. 

Recommendations from other players (Not necessary, but if you have any I'll check it!): None! I'm very trustworthy :)

Are you up to for some kinda Roleplaying: Depends on what kind. But generally yes.

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Hey Alk I’d be interested in opening my village up to someone as well the same way you are

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