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Free food and skills with FSBs or Magic in Wurm

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Hello there! 


I could not find any mention of this problem on this I will write this in a separate post.


Situation 1:

We have 1 of any food that can be put in FSBs, like fish..



Then we put it to FSB and get from FSB



What's it mean? I can eat fish before 0.01 weight then put it to FSB and get out full fish. 


Situation 2:

I can up skill of Coocking infinitely and at the same time constantly raising the quality of the subject


1. Pick up any fillet (example on fish)

2. Knife -> Create chopped

3. Put to FSB chopped fillet

4. Get chopped fillet from FSB

5. GOTO 2.


With each new round of the cycle - the quality of the product grows with the skill

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