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WTS Character - 58+ Body, 97 Blacksmithing, over 8600 hours in game! Only 250 euro! SOLD Please Close

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I don't have as much time for Wurm as I would like to, so I'm selling one of my characters. It used to be "main" character, so it's great for someone who just wants to jump in to WO without spending weeks and months grinding skills.


Some useful info:


You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Awakening, week 4 of the starfall of Omens, 1015. That's 2173 days, 9 hours and 54 minutes ago.

You have been premium a total of 26 months until Dec 2013. You have been premium a total of 28 since Dec 2013.

You have played 362 days, 6 hours and 50 minutes. [over 8600 hours in game!]

You have not paid for premium time.


Meditation: Can enchant grass.

Never warned or banned, never used macro, only two people had access to this account (me and my friend).


Here's some skills I'm proud of:

  • Blacksmithing - 97+
  • Mining - 91+
  • Fighting - 83+
  • Smithing - 70+
  • Natural Substances - 65+
  • Butchering - 62+
  • Botanizing - 69+
  • Huge Axe - 79+
  • Catapults - 20+


But above all I'm proud of characteristics:

  • Body - 58+
  • Body Strength - 54+
  • Body Stamina - 45+
  • Body Control - 40+
  • Mind Logic - 53+


I'm planning to sell it "naked", but if you're just starting and want some awesome tools (for example pickaxe, that will allow you to mine 100ql gold) - let me know. Also got some silvers, black drake with rare pants and chest, rare steel huge axe etc.




I decided to sell it for 250 euro. Paypal verified only and buyer pays paypal fee (or send money as a gift).


Skill Dump:







Skills: 0.0
   Religion: 4.4232807
      Prayer: 10.334399
      Channeling: 1.0
      Preaching: 2.0
      Exorcism: 1.0
      Artifacts: 1.0
   Hammers: 1.0
      Warhammer: 1.0
   Healing: 20.78946
      First aid: 39.428856
   Clubs: 1.0001725
      Huge club: 1.1944585
   Archery: 31.017244
      Short bow: 11.213727
      Medium bow: 1.3301232
      Long bow: 22.501463
   Thievery: 3.3284023
      Stealing: 1.0
      Lock picking: 5.580539
      Traps: 1.0
   War machines: 12.392664
      Catapults: 20.163431
      Trebuchets: 1.0
      Turrets: 1.0
      Ballistae: 1.0
   Polearms: 1.0
      Staff: 1.0
      Long spear: 1.0
      Halberd: 1.0
   Prospecting: 61.91033
   Coal-making: 37.234806
   Milling: 2.8850877
   Tracking: 14.307869
   Paving: 54.83629
   Climbing: 16.617397
   Thatching: 12.119408
   Firemaking: 27.340567
   Pottery: 16.04152
   Mining: 91.084206
   Digging: 83.69135
   Ropemaking: 16.406242
   Smithing: 71.40581
      Blacksmithing: 97.11466
      Locksmithing: 10.763242
      Jewelry smithing: 63.580063
      Metallurgy: 42.960205
      Weapon smithing: 20.493093
         Blades smithing: 18.103619
         Weapon heads smithing: 10.096797
      Armour smithing: 23.6422
         Shield smithing: 20.281113
         Chain armour smithing: 4.1022854
         Plate armour smithing: 63.61469
   Tailoring: 19.345753
      Cloth tailoring: 30.03822
      Leatherworking: 28.141516
   Masonry: 74.890076
      Stone cutting: 55.076828
   Cooking: 49.031227
      Hot food cooking: 63.509075
      Baking: 1.4203795
      Dairy food making: 1.0
      Butchering: 62.12972
      Beverages: 51.219666
   Nature: 55.30872
      Fishing: 8.353426
      Gardening: 49.487053
      Foraging: 45.158073
      Botanizing: 69.5586
      Animal taming: 22.058842
      Forestry: 54.309036
      Farming: 56.593918
      Milking: 1.50025
      Meditating: 37.360794
      Animal husbandry: 34.87104
      Papyrusmaking: 2.6928797
   Toys: 4.3048706
      Yoyo: 6.538197
      Puppeteering: 1.0
   Fighting: 83.16245
      Defensive fighting: 15.459397
      Normal fighting: 70.32233
      Weaponless fighting: 3.1990955
      Aggressive fighting: 37.112347
      Shield bashing: 2.0476377
      Taunting: 1.9060224
   Miscellaneous items: 78.22669
      Shovel: 68.71327
      Rake: 39.123905
      Saw: 30.932589
      Pickaxe: 92.97935
      Repairing: 53.543488
      Sickle: 46.292377
      Scythe: 5.4703035
      Hammer: 71.22727
      Stone chisel: 45.415447
   Alchemy: 34.798187
      Natural substances: 65.99588
   Shields: 34.104683
      Medium metal shield: 50.565136
      Small wooden shield: 1.099
      Small metal shield: 1.0
      Large metal shield: 1.0
      Medium wooden shield: 1.0
      Large wooden shield: 1.0
   Axes: 57.86002 *
      Hatchet: 53.51782
      Small Axe: 1.0
      Large axe: 57.390213
      Huge axe: 79.211334
   Swords: 48.438026
      Longsword: 68.28753
      Shortsword: 1.7099954
      Two handed sword: 1.0
   Knives: 49.757946
      Carving knife: 32.26761
      Butchering knife: 61.527027
   Woodcutting: 69.66994
   Mauls: 1.6469673
      Medium maul: 1.0
      Small maul: 1.0
      Large maul: 2.2027738
   Carpentry: 80.12774
      Bowyery: 31.045563
      Fletching: 15.390547
      Fine carpentry: 44.42409
      Toy making: 1.0
      Ship building: 45.64879
Characteristics: 0.0
   Mind: 47.96562
      Mind logic: 53.570496
      Mind speed: 25.67371
   Soul: 40.08063
      Soul depth: 31.579107
      Soul strength: 41.290737
   Body: 58.899174
      Body strength: 54.308514
      Body stamina: 45.607334
      Body control: 40.493515
Religion: 0.0
   Faith: 13.5466
   Favor: 13.5466
   Alignment: 98.270935






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Nice body stats. I'd say 350-400 euros. 

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Since I can't get any PC so I asked some of my Wurm friends for it.

Keep that in mind please (I still asked them for honest opinions) - @Clasin is first of them.

Hopefully it will trigger some kind of discussion about the price.


Edit: And Azraiel is another one.



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Also people are asking how did I get so high body stats without that many 90+ skills. Well, the answer is - at least 1 000 hours of my gameplay was surface mining :D .

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I don't understand how people give PC's of 400 EU for this. Its only skill apart from body stats is blacksmithing which is the easiest smithing skill to level, all its combat skills can be achieved in less than a week apart from fighting skill which ain't that high either. For the high body stats i'd say max 200, having 37 meditation drags it down as well so yea....Anyway, good luck with your sale.

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Thank you Mickaell,

I've never PvP with this account, that's why combat skills aren't so high. 400 euro is a bit much, I agree, and I wouldn't ask for such high offers (maybe couple of years ago, but not now).


Besides Body Stats and 97 BS, it has plenty of skills on "medium" level and that's also huge advantage of this char. Obviously it specialize in BS, but if you want jewelry smithing for all those crystal rune - sure, it's already at 63.

Want to plan large houses? Carpentry is at 80.

Want to make dyes and transmutation liquid? NS at 65.

Want to get good animal products? Butchering at 62.

Need to cook some food? HFC at 63. Something to drink? Beverages at 51.

Need some decent quality cooking ingredients? Farming at 56, Forestry at 54, Botanizing at 69.

Want to get into bulk suppliers business? Masonry at 74 and again Carpentry at 80.

Need to organize some of your items - Cloth Tailoring for satchels and LW for backpack is already there.

Want to decorate your house? Fine Carpentry is there at 44 and you will imp lamps to 50ql literally in minutes!

Need plate armor? PAS is already 63 and you will surely appreciate Metallurgy 42 and Coal Making at 37.

Need some terraforming - Digging at 83.

Want to build ship? You will get decent wood with WC at 69, you can make sails and ropes by yourself and Ship Building itself is at 45 (I built Knarr).

Want to know your horses traits? AH at 34, groom some more and you will get to 40 easily.

Want to tame a bear? No problem - Animal Taming at 22.

Need to spend some time in mine - Mining at 91 and Prospecting at 61.

Can't decide between Huge Axe and Longsword + Shield? No problem either.



I'm not selling this account as a PvP account, I sell it as an character that is really fun to play! Damn, you can get new title every day for a long time with this account!


I'm not a grinder, I just had fun playing. And I know, that if I would spent 2-3 weeks on grinding and burn through all my sleep powders I could easily get skills high enough to ask for 400 euro, but it's a game for me, not work.

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10 hours ago, Bubles said:

This account is okkaaaaaaay.

130 e tbh


It's not a price check anymore. Price is set at 250 euro.


I would like to add, that there are people / accounts in here giving really low Price Checks in many threads and then sending offers to buy accounts and using those price checks as an argument to lower the price.

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It's got a bunch of very good skills i agree. Some of which not that easy to get like butchering or NS. 250e sounds right

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20 hours ago, Bubles said:

This account is okkaaaaaaay.

130 e tbh

1 day old posting account with a single post. This is not a legit price check.


This account is right on the money at 250e. 

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