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Enchants Trader - LT Now Available!

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Want enchanted tools, weapons or armor but don't have the silver to pay for it? I got you covered! 


Located in T13 Celebration, we open our doors for our fellow Wurmians who are unable to pay with silver. In exchange for bulk items, I will provide you with a level of enchants of your choice. Generally, the customer delivers the bulk items, and would be present for the casts if they so desire. Here are the details.


With an 88 channeling Paaweeler Priest, I will perform cast trades as follows:


1 spell cast (single cast) of your choice in exchange for 150 agreed upon bulk items*++


3 spell casts (3 single casts of any tool or item of your choice) for a single large crate of 300 bulk items.)*++


10 spell casts of your choice for 3 full large crates of bulk items*++


List of spells can be found here:




Any cast below 20 will be automatically recasted and will not count towards your cast quota.


Casts by Quality - Guaranteed casts over the quality indicated. (Varies by bulk offered)++


50ql+ - 300 bulk items

60ql+ - 400 bulk items

70ql+ - 600 bulk items

80ql+ - 900 bulk items

90ql+ - 1500 bulk items

Shatter Protection: In the event of a shattered item, I will waive the whole transaction including price, and you will be granted 3 free item enchants of your choice, 50ql or above each guaranteed. You will then be able to place a new order if you so wish. Items of low quality can be refused, unless the client waives the shatter protection.


Traveling Services:


For a fee, I will perform at location services (Courier, Genesis, Strongwall, etc). Travel fee can be paid in either bulk or silver at the customer's choice. I have access to both Paaweelr and Nahjo enchants for this service. Contact us for a quote of your project. Pricing generally follows the amounts indicated above, plus travel fee.



NEW!! Paaweelr Roulette! 


For a limited time, send me an item of 70ql or above, and I will cast on it once. What it lands is what you get. 20+ power guaranteed. I will then mail it to you for 15c, regardless of the cast. (Paaweelr Casts Only). Items with no enchants only.


* Pricing is for each single successful cast regardless of quality. Failures do not count towards your casts limit


++ I understand that the value of bulk items varies by type and quality. The prices listed above are simply a guidance, and will be adjusted to accommodate the product offered. I reserve the right to reject or adjust any offer.


Note: Any unclaimed items after 2 weeks (mailbox returned items) will be forefit to cover expenses incurred during casting. Client is responsible for any mail costs incurred in any transaction.




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83 LT Cast on a 60+ LT purchase in exchange for 200 bricks.


101 Cast on a 50+ Botd purchase in exchange for 300 dirt.


This too could be you. Order your enchant today!



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