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I'm selling the Moon metals listed below:


As for pricing:


Seryll: All seryll has been sold!


86-89ql  4.4s/kg

90-94ql  4.8s/kg

95-98ql  5s/kg




84-89ql  9s/kg

90-94ql  10s/kg

95-99ql  11s/kg


Glimmersteel:  All glimmer has been sold!


80-89ql  9s/kg

90-94ql  10s/kg

95-98ql  11s/kg


So, just pick the lump in its price category, do the math on the weight and you will know its price ;)







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45 minutes ago, Wurmhole said:

send all the 86-89 glimmer to Mordor COD please. 


[21:57:12] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.


Ty! :)


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