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Volantis v2.0 - GoT Inspired server. 7.5x Skill, 8x Action, Whitewalkers, Vampires and more!

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I've had some great feedback over the last 2 years and implemented a number of server changes which sadly resulted in a reset of the map for the first time in August 2018.


The new map is identical but has the following improvements:


  • Increased dirt level from 20 to 40
  • rougher terrain 
  • more islands
  • taller mountains



Server Map:

Server Stats:


To all former players of volantis v1.0 - I'm deeply sorry for the reset and realise this is incredibly frustrating. Myself and my other GMs will happily help recreate old deeds and reimburse any lost skills / items. Please log a ticket in-game and we will try our best to compensate. 


Server Details


A custom map which offers a mixture of PVE and PVP playing styles with missions and events to participate in. 


The Server Offers:


  • 5 crates of resources upon deeding to build your village (delivered within 24 hours)
  • Level 35 Starting Skills
  • Level 30 Starting Tools
  • 7.5x Skill and 8x Actions
  • Drake Mounts - very fast but rare!
  • Good Infrastructure throughout the map with highways, portals and resting areas
  • Battle Arena to fight waves of monsters based on skill level
  • Game of Thrones style missions. Resurrect Viserion to face the final battle and claim your dragon mount.
  • Vampire vs Vampire Hunter
  • Free Deed and Upkeep
  • Free Horse for new explorers
  • Comprehensive Training Ground for New Players


We welcome any improvement suggestions so please get in touch if you have any ideas.



Starter City

All new players will enter the Training Grounds however, you have the option to skip the scenario

The training grounds gives a guided tour of the game, teaching new members skills in Digging, Mining, Chopping Trees, Fighting and Crafting.







The Landscape and Resting Areas:


Volantis has a smooth terrain and rock can be found 40 digs below any surface. 


The sandy coastlines make for a perfect harbour but beware of the scorpions!





The map has good infrastructure with roads and portals around the map. Travellers will find places to rest and trade throughout the map:





Game of Thrones Campaign - Castle Black:


The GoT Campagine is being expanded but the objective is to travel beyond the wall, a PvP Roleplaying style zone, defeat the whitewalkers and battle Viserion to win a dragon mount.






Mods Installed Include:



- Add Kingdom Items

- Announcer

- Armoury

- Bag of Holding

- Better Combat Log

- Better Dig

- Better Game Masters

- Bigger House Mod
- Boat Mod
- Bounty Mod
- Bulk Mod
- Christmas Mod
- Creature Age Mod 
- Crop mod

- Deed Mod

- Double Bulk Capacity Mod

- Drake Mount Mod

- Epic Mission Hints

- Fire Burn Time

- Harvest Helper
- Hitching Post

- HOTSFixes
- Inbreed Warning

- Increase Merchant Items

- Loottables
- Mark and Recall

- Meditate 

- More Craftables
- New Portals

- No Holy Ground

- No Mail Cost
- Phobia 

- Pick More Sprouts
- Sacrifice 
- Salve 
- Spell Mod

- Stable Master

- Starter Gear

- Tabard Mod

- Timed Pay

- Timerfix

- Treasure Hunting

- Vamps




Battle Arena:


The battle arena offers 5 levels, each of increasing difficulty, which summons waves of monsters for you to battle.


There are currently two arenas:


  1. Basic: (1) Wolf, (2) Cave Bug, (3) Large Rat, (4) Scorpion, (5) Bear.
  2. Intermediate: (1) Brown Bear, (2) Scorpion, (3) Crocodile, (4) Fire Fiend and (5) Troll.


To activate a battle, examine either the Basic or Intermediate level signs. 


The Battle Arenas can be found in Kingslanding near the castle:







The Crypt of Vampires:


Ever fancied becoming a Vampire or Vampire Hunter? You will benefit from increased skill gains in exchange for the risk of being bitten / staked! 


This is essentially PVP but without the risk of your buildings being destroyed (if built in the PVE zone). 




The full instructions on this mini-game can be found below:



We welcome new event and server update suggestions so feel free to get in touch and we will try our best to accommodate requests


Happy Playing,


Edited by Recon
Server Update

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Updated to 1.4 including mod updates. 


Enjoy all and let me know if you have any issues with the new update.


All the best,

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Join the sever on a new character between 21 - 23 July and you'll receive the following benefits:

- 10x Skill gain and 10x action for these 3 days only (will revert back to 6x and 10x on Monday)
- level 30 tools 
- 5s free coin upon joining
- Prayer cap removed and no cooldown timer 
- Level 23 characteristic skills

These are in addition to the other server benefits already offered and for a limited time only :)

Best Wishes,

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Updated to 1.6


for a limited time, new players will receive level 40 starting skills and level 30 tools :)

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