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Nidavellir is the home of the dvergar (or dwarves). The dvergar can be found throughout their sprawling, labyrinth tunnels, selling their wares at markets, tending goats, smithing the best pieces in the land, and generally living their lives as a peaceful folk. Andvari, however, fell prey to Loki's terrible tricks and ended up cursing his precious ring and treasure. Now, he hides in his hall, overcome by dragon's disease, which causes him to horde his possessions for fear that someone will come to steal it. Are Andvari's troubles all in his head? Or is there a group of adventurers preparing to enter his home and steal from him?


Preview video:


Newest 70+FS Dungeon is now open! Find more info at


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You might have seen the jotunns roaming around the lands, pillaging deeds and killing your livestock.
Where do such terrifying creatures come from? The great fire giant Logi has sent out his army of giants to pillage the lands for food and treasures!
The king of Wonders has seen enough of this pillaging and wants to put an end to it! He now calls upon warriors from throughout the land to challenge the giants and put an end to the kingdom's misery.
Is your courage high enough and are your weapons sharp enough to challenge these mighty giants of Jotunheimr?


The jotunn are waiting....
Jotunheimr is designed for players with 50FS+


Our newest mid level dungeon is open come check it out if you dare.

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Our starter dungeon, the Life Spring Prison has reopened, with new scripting and mobs. It is aimed at a group of 20-30fs players. One of our players recently made a video that feature its, along with other features of our server, and gave me permission to share! Thanks Ciuperca!!

More info on the prison dungeon can be found on our forums

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Placed a much needed edit to the main post. Providing more information and easier reference to what we provide and what we are doing with the server.

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Introduction trailer created by a community member was added to the original post. Thanks again Ciuperca!

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Server Update


  • Vanity Pets
    • This is being released as BETA version of vanity pets. We hope to make them useful and easier to transport but for now they are just collectible, low spawn chance, creatures to go around and collect. What sets them apart from the rest? They are non aggro, they dont hit very hard, if at all, and they are tiny pets to collect. 
    • They must be tamed/charmed/dominated to be able to lead them. They have 1 body str so hitching really isnt an option at all, intentionally. There is currently 39 different onces to catch in the wild and another 3 that will be GM spawn only.The GM spawn only ones will be rewarded for certain things, yet to be determined.
      • To keep the rarity of these pets they are not breed able, unless they Jurassic Park my code that makes them all female. 


  • Damage Readout(Thanks Coldie)
    • Combat log will now print out the actual damage done and damage per second when you use command  /DPS.
    • New Damage test mobs will be placed in Life Spring. They will be placed near the practice dummies. You can test how much damage you would do on a dragon, a hatchling, and a troll. You cannot kill these dummies but they will give an accurate readout of how much damage you can do to these creatures.
      • These are for damage testing and comparison only. Anyone using these for training weapon skills will be punished.


  • All custom mounts and hitchable animals added in game have been changed to herbivores and grazers. This will allow you to easily use them in any situation without needing to worry about them eating a corpse or constant feeding. I did not make this change to vanilla mobs.


  • Kari's Fortress mobs and items tweaked a bit. Hopefully we will be ready for release of the last tier 1 dungeon this weekend.


  • Two New Uniques added. Base stats are slightly less difficult than a Red Dragon, however they will always spawn as Champion.
    • Lizard King: King of the alien like deathcrawlers. Avoid his acid breath and his sharp claws if you expect to defeat him.
    • Gorilla King: King of all gorillas, he is tired of the players of Wonders enslaving his brethren. Avoid his might fist and earthshaking abilities.


  • Kingdom Tabard mod loaded. You need client serverpacks up and running to be able to see the new tabards. But most if not all kingdom tabards will be craftable. 


Loot tables will be updated slightly.

Tier 2 weapon tweaked again. Still trying to keep a balance between them and the tier below.

Serverpack settings modified, seems i was using an outdated config which was causing issues.

Kingdom Tabard mod loaded. You need client serverpacks up and running to be able to see the new tabards. But most if not all kingdom tabards will be craftable. 

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Our weekly update is in. On top of the updates listed below our Wiki is slowly starting to take shape to help provide players with more information in one place about the server and WU in general. Wonders Wiki Main Page


Small update today

  • Creature update
    • All custom mounts should now be groomable
    • All vanity pets should now be groomable
    • Vanity pets should now be dominatable
    • Lizard King and Gorilla King removed-They were bugged and incomplete. Will readd at a later time.
    • All tier 2 mobs removed. 
      • Tier 2 will not be part of the main server. Anticipate using another cluster to facilitate higher tier content
    • Added new mobs to facilitate a single person mini dungeon to be released at a later date.
  • Item Update
    • Butcher Knife can now be made from moonmetals
    • Sacrifical Knife can now be made from moonmetals
    • Create Sand by using a large maul on sandstone. Uses Body Strength
    • Create Dirt by using a large maul on rock shards. Uses Body Strength
    • Create Sandstone by using your hand on sand. Uses Body Control
    • Create Planks by using a mallet on woodscraps. Uses Body Control
  • New Mod
    • To help facilitate raffles a new roll mod was created. Thanks Coldie
    • Command is roll with the number of Players then the number of items to be raffled. 
      • example /roll 50 10. 50 players with 10 items to give away. 
        • [10:19:49] Yggdrasil people: 50 rolls:10 (23,16,9,26,34,15,31,19,18,47)
      • It does the whole raffle in one roll with no duplicates. When it is rolling the numbers if it rolls the same number again it is thrown out and rolls again. 
      • Limitations
        • Number of players must be higher then total number of items being raffled. 
        • Max of 50 items for raffle. 
  • Vampire Mod Removal
    • The vampire mod was finally removed completely from the database. 
      • Side-effect: Cooking affinities shifted due to the vampire skills being removed. So previously known cooking affinities may be incorrect.
  • Channeling Improvement
    • Bless cost reduced to 5 faith to allow all religions at 5 faith spell to level channeling with.
  • Bounty on custom mobs
    • Reduced bounty for custom mobs.
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We will be adding a hunting/survival server very soon to offload some of our new creature types and increase performance of our main server while still giving everyone the opportunity to fight the new mob types.


New video created by a community member. Thanks again. 




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Kari's Fortress our last normal tier 1 dungeon was released a while back. To understand Kari's Fortress see explanation below. Currently working on our first true raid boss. He has been tested slightly and was deemed impossible to slay. So currently tweaking him and his minions before releasing him to his scripted lair. He is being tweaked for a 10 man group and will drop a new set of tier 2 armor and tier 2 weapons. 


The Wild Hunt, our hunting server was opened recently and is still being tweaked to the community's liking. Some survival aspects were thrown in as well as all of our custom mobs being available to hunt. New hitchable creature available, beasts, rift beast model with roughly same stats as hell horses for pulling your cart. Happy hunting. 



From Loki on Kari's Fortress:

Kari, brother to Aegir and Logi, is a gentle spirit. He is known as the god of the North Wind. His sons, Jokul and Frosti, control ice and snow. Together, they help keep your seasons comfortable. Kari ages as the year progresses, looking like a young man in the spring and an old man in the winter. He loves reindeer and you might find him associated with a certain Winter-time holiday (Christmas). Why am I telling you this? Ha, because, poor, kind Kari looked a little bored. So, I sent him a letter explaining how the people of Wonders wanted to gain control of his powers to harness the weather and disrupt the balance of seasons. I told him all about how Wonders was full of war mongering, treasure seeking thieves who are building an army to take over his fortress. Enraged by this news, Kari, Jokul, and Frosti have begun amassing weapons, enlisting the assistance of frost giants and other creatures, and are preparing to launch all-out war on the people of Wonders. Gather your best weapons and armor to take on the Father of Winter before its too late. 

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Our PvP server, Slaughter, was re purposed to become our new survival server. Survival settings are moderate but currently being tweaked. We will be creating a new PvP server in the weeks to come with more bonus to players willing to take the risks associated with PvP. Currently we have 3 playable servers, Wonders (main server 8k x 8k), Wild Hunt (hunting server with tons of mobs 2k x 2k), Slaughter (Epic survival server 2k x 2k), two more are planned. Replacement PvP server with more gains to those who are wanting to pvp. An adventure server that is fully scripted with tons of quests and dungeons. If you would like to be part of a growing community please come over and say hi.

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It seems I missed placing our last update so putting last week's update and this weeks together. 


Caravan Stations now live. This is Wonders modified version of Bdew's HWportals. We modified to give us a new fast travel system with a little RP type feel to it. These new stations allow you to fast travel to a deed connected by a road and also has a caravan station. Caravan stations will allow you to fast travel with mounts and lead animals. These will not be purchasable from the shop and is purely up to the community to update the road system to provide a wide range of locations. Updating the road system on Wonders is not considered a public project and currently there is not bounty for doing so. 

OMG Heals (Coldie)

Many complaints about the healing system has been heard. New OMG Heal selection is now available. With your statuette activated right click another player and you will be provided OMG heal options corresponding to your faiths Cures that are available. OMG Heal Light, OMG Heal Medium, and OMG Heal Serious are all available for Fo. OMG Heal Medium is available on Fenrir, and OMG Heal Light is available on Odin. When using this option to cast it will cast the spell on the worse wound available on that target.These spells can be manually adjusted from the original heals and will be tweaked as time goes. As of right now cast times are defaulted and is not modified by timerfix.

Fafnir was tweaked slightly again and his lair will be opening on Wonders soon. 

CA Help is now Global.


All boss mobs and boss adds loot tables updated to increase drop chances of all items. The tables are still not final, I will be working on a huge loot table overhaul in the coming weeks to provide more interesting drops across all servers. 

Survival modifications created by Coldie. Armor should provide a little more protection from the cold then before. Heat sources should have a lot larger range of heating, 3 to 4 tiles you should still be able to get some warmth. Same tile as heat source or one tile away will be most effective but should be able to heat a small house with one good furnace now and not start getting to cold. Fighting will provide some heat to keep you from freezing to death during a battle.  Also /mytemp now provides an actual temperature read out. 


3D Stuff, Putting items on tables and other cointainers by Bdew

Items you can now decorate by placing an item on it
round marble table
tripod table
rectangular marble table
round table
bedside table
square table
dining table
small barrel
small crate
large crate
bulk storage bin
low bookshelf

To place an item on one of these activate the item you wish to add as a decoration, right click the table/barrel/crate/shelf and select place.
To move an item to a different position use normal commands like push/pull
To remove an item right click that item and select take.

Taxidermy by Bdew

Create a taxidermy kit to be able to preserve an animal corpse for decoration. 
Pick up a creature corpse, butchered or unbutchered does not matter. Activate the taxidermy kit and right click corpse in inventory and select preserve.
Three choices for each corpse should be available. Lying, Butchered, and animated. 
The animated version will require 1000 karma as part of the preservation.

Currently creating the kits and preserving the corpses use fine carpentry skill. I plan on changing the skill used to preserve corpses the next update.

Merchant Listing by Jaede

You can now go to your merchant and right click them and get listing. This will provide a url in the event window for you to paste on the forums or wherever you desire. 
This link will list location of merchant, name of the merchant, and all items in the inventory. It will automatically update inventory.

More Steel and Moonmetal items by Behemoth

Most if not all tools should now be craftable from steel and moonmetals. I found some double entries in the crafting menu but it does not cause any issues.If we missed any metal tools or weapons please let us know. The model will not change, it will still look like iron tools. There is bonuses for each metal type that should apply like it would to other tools and weapons. If anyone finds an issue please let us know.

Cart and Wagon slow down.

Many animal breeders have complained for a very long time that no one wants 5 speed animals because they are not needed to hit max speed.We originally made wagons very fast because of map size as well as little option of travel. We now have a large public built road system, interconnected portals, and recently released caravan stations.Due to the amount of travel options we now have I decided it was a good time to try some speed decreases.
This week we will go with a slight slow down of carts and wagons. Next week we will slow down to a final speed. This tiered transition will allow time forthe community to get use to slower speeds as well as build caravan stations and linked roads if they desire the extra travel options.

Misc. Updates

2H Weapons got a 50% increase in damage. Will keep testing and if it is to much or to little then we will keep adjusting to make all weapons viable.

Cleaned up treasure hunting configuration a little. Should start seeing some higher value items like tomes a little more often.

Database correction on the login server so people can quit losing Odin when crossing on accident to the login server.

Corrected an issue with glimmerscale not being created correctly. All glimmerscale should be listed as glimmerscale,glimmersteel.

Dragon chili receipe created and added. by Coldie.

Upcoming Content (1-2 weeks)

We are still looking at the unique Skulls and brainstorming to come up with an idea to make them a bit more useful. Our original implementation was over powered
so at this time it has been removed.

Elemental Essence system being brought into the game. These essences will be used to make new and hopefully interesting items. Small essences will drop from weaker
mobs with that element while uniques and bosses will drop multiple greater essences. Greater essesnces will allow you to craft things like elemental damage type weapons,always lit lanterns, and hopefully other cool items we come up with. This is still a large work in progress.

Magical cloth set. Some prefer to wear the cloth armor sets but also would like to wear them into battle, you may get your wish. However it wont be easy to obtain.
Plan right now is these cloth sets will be heavily imbued with magic so that is how they protect the wearer. To imbue/craft the sets will require magical essences.
A magical essence will be created through combining one of each elemental essence to make one magical essence. Magical essence will only be one size and have low drop rates from uniques and bosses.

Loot table update is still in progress. I had hoped to finish it before this release but seems I will not have it complete. Still working on a full overhaul of loot tables
As soon as I get them done I will release them. School and work has taken a lot of my time this week. I also want to get in the new essences so I can get a feel for overall loot drops from our bosses and uniques.

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Winter Impalong is coming up on World of Wonders! Hosted by players Rayneshine and Tomjeffsteve at the beautiful Stevens Bay deed! Great time to join the server and get your tools improved for free! The Impalong will be held January 26-28. For more information please visit our forums at



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Updated server boss mod to allow more naturally spawned bosses. Increased unique mob difficulty. Added an anti cheat modification. Full details can be found on our website.

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Well I think that the anti cheat mod is a server killer. Players will leave for servers that don't use this particular mod!

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If you are looking for a server to play on, this is one you should definitely consider. Skill gain is fast enough to make it seem less grindy but yet slow enough to present a challenge.  The many custom mobs and large amount of custom content will always keep you wondering what is next. You are also presented with several server options so if you don't like the slow pace of wonders then you can run on over to slaughter and play on the survival server. Not enough mobs for your liking to kill on slaughter or wonder??? Then pop on over to wild hunt...a server setup expressly for hunting. World of Wonders has an active community and economy. Come try out the server, I think you'll be surprised as to how much you like it. :D

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Our new server just opened. New Wonders, a 4k map server is replacing our entire cluster. This is a fresh map and fresh start for everyone, full wipe.  We will be slowly rolling out our dungeon content that we built over the last 10 months.  Progress will be rather slow. 1.5x skill with 4x action. A full post on new server will come out tomorrow. Login directly to New Wonders. 

Edited by Jerone0601

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Yes, the dev team constantly "fiddles " with the server. The first post says pretty much that. We are not a server for those who want QoL improved version of WO. We are constantly trying new things and adding more content.  My team and I are constantly looking at ways to improve the longevity of your play experience.  One of the main reasons for a wipe was our 8k server could not handle all of the content and not lag. We want to bring more to the community then the same vanilla content everyone has seen. We try to cater to all playstyles but if you don't want new content or major changes from vanilla I agree we may not be right for you. Good luck on your next server or game. Also I have another 18 months on my degree in video game development. Once that is completed I will consider passing the reins and not until then, so guess Wonders is stuck with me for a while..

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Updated original post to list New Wonders information.  The server is only a few days old still. Everyone has a fresh start.

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Our truly NEW server has been updated to 1.6. Don't let those others fool you with a New tag. New server has been open less than a week with a full wipe everyone is on equal ground. Super active community and admins to help out new players and veterans alike. Our map is challenging and different then most. Many rolling hills and mountains, no HUGE plains of flat land that goes on for days. Get in and level those skills before our first new dungeon opens. Not an adventurer, that is ok to, get those crafting skills up so you can turn the mainly material drops of the new dungeons into improved items.Below is details of 1.6 changes. 


New Wonders is now updated to 1.6

. A few changes



Boatmod- No longer working. This is the mod that allowed you to lead non swimming animals across the water. WIll look into making my own custom mod for this since the mod is no longer supported.


BSB sorting- Its been asked for many times. If you want to average your stuff together you can still use crates to do just that. I may update later with a toggle for sorting/no sorting. 

We have extended the time to disband to 3 months when we came over, but I also implemented tax mod. After 15 days of inactivity your upkeep will start going up more and more every day you are inactive. This is mainly implemented to keep the land clear of any deeds that are placed and the mayor disappears immediately after. I was going to have my GMs monitor for these types of abandoned deeds but this takes away the need for someone to check up on all the deeds. This has been implemented on another server I help as a GM and there is well established inactive deeds that still are standing after 10+ months of inactivity. So I do not see the mod hurting any established deed going inactive for a couple months. 


Quality of your Statuette now matters! Quality of the statuette will boost the possible outcome of your enchants or spell success. Also rarity increases it even more. 


Building size requirements are back. 1.6 conflicts with allowing unlimited buildings. We have another mod we will implement later that will increase the size of buildings but not to such extremes as unlimited allowed. 

Edited by Jerone0601

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Added new Prison dungeon.  Reactivated treasure map mod. All creatures now have a small chance of dropping a mysterious egg.  Loki has all of Libilia spells minus mycelium,  and a few extra to compensate.  The server has a nice growing population of 30 to 40 normally on during prime time. Come join our new server,  fully wiped and redone only a couple weeks ago.

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I think I missed a couple updates so I will review later and update anything I left out. But today's update information. 

5/20/2018 Update

Pirates Cove is now open to the public

Pirates Cove is meant for a group of 3 or more with 50FS and equivalent quality gear. 

Drops from Pirates Cove
Pirate Weave cloth and scraps-Used to create new pirate weave cloth armor. Cloth armor casting benefits with DR right below ringmail.
Essence of Death-There is many different variants of essence implemented but the smallest forms will drop off trash and bosses.
Cursed metal-This is metal need to craft new cursed weapons. All are currently 1H weapons and do 5-10% more dmg and higher parry rate then normal weapons.
Cursed weapons-Small chance a rare cursed weapon will drop from one of the bosses.
Scroll fragments-Used to make an unbound scroll. Unbound scrolls can then be powered with essence to make a summoning scroll to summon a rare mount.
Cursed Ship Scroll-Small chance a full summon scroll will drop of the final boss.

New Armor Sets

Pirate weave armor-Uses black cloth textures for most pieces, a mask, and studded boots/gloves. DR is at 0.55. 30% cast bonus like all cloth armor
Goblin weave armor-Uses green cloth textures for most pieces and leather boots/gloves. DR is at 0.55. 30% cast bonus

Pirate weave cloth can be found in Pirates Cove.
Goblin weave cloth can be found on goblins and trolls, since the trolls like killing the goblins. 

Both materials can be found from treasure map guardians.


New Weapons

+0.3 base damage compared to normal weapons, higher parry rates
Cursed Dagger
Cursed Axe
Cursed Shortsword
Cursed Sickle

+0.5 base damage compared to normal weapons, higher parry rates
Infused Longsword
Infused Warhammer

Weapon Tweaks
2H weapons have lost some base damage and gained some parry. 2H have been way OP compared to dual wielding and provided higher damage then expected from base weapons.

New type of material used to make mid to end game type items. Currently used for summoning scrolls and new armors. 
The amount of items that use the new essences will increase as time allows.
Essence of Life: Small chance a fragment will drop off any mob. Champion mobs have higher drop chance. Treasure mobs have higher chance
Essence of Death: Small chance from Hell hounds,hell horses,hell scorpious, and zombies. Pirates cove mobs much higher drops. Treasure mobs have good drop chance
Essence of Fire: Currently not in tables
Essence of Holy: Scheduled to drop in our next dungeon
Essence of Magic: Currently not in tables
Essence of Water: Currently not in tables

All mobs are being considered for drops and all essence drops will be in the loot table soon. 


Treasure Hunting
The chance to get a map has been increased for all actions. 

Treasure Chests will spawn with minimal loot. Most of the loot will be found on the guardians of the treasure.
Treasure Guards, Treasure Goblins, Treasure Bandits, Treasure Trolls, and Treasure Chest will spawn as the guardians.
Each of these mobs have a very extensive loot table that includes moonmetal drops, gems, star gems, sorcery books, goblin weave, pirate weave, drake hide, scale, and many other things.
The guards and goblins should be rather easy to kill and have the least amount of loot possibilities. 
The higher end guards like treasure trolls and chests have some more valuable items and higher drop chance of the lesser items.
Each mob can drop up to 4 items so make sure to kill them all for best chances at good loot. 

The treasure mobs loot tables will increase over time to include all essences and all the new armor materials. You will rarely find completed loot on them.

New Scrolls
Scrolls of summoning have been added. You first must make an unbound scroll with 25 scroll fragments. Once you have an unbound scroll you need to decide what scroll to make.
Avatar of Fenrir-5x Essence of Magic and Unbound Scroll
Cursed Ship-10x Essence of Death
Black Drake-5x Essence of Death
Green Drake-5x Essence of Life
Blue Drake-5x Essence of Water
Red Drake-5x Essence of Fire
White Drake-5x Essence of Holy

Each of these scrolls can be crafted but also have a drop chance from uniques or dungeon bosses. The cursed ship can drop from final boss in pirates cove. The Avatar of Fenrir can drop off troll king. Each drake can drop from a dragon or hatchling of the same color. 


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Most of the update was mod updates by Sindusk that I pulled into the server. Most of the other things brought in today's patch were bug fixes. 

New Spells to play with

Replenish=New Spell, automatically refills a liquid container with water-Fo Only


Efficiency=New Spell, Reduces difficulty of skill checks when using the enchanted item-Vyn Only
New Spell: Efficiency 
Efficiency is an enchant applicable to any enchantable item, including tools, weapons, etc.
Efficiency reduces difficulty of skill checks when using that item. This applies to a great deal of actions, including getting higher average ores with a pickaxe, blocking more often with a shield, and creation chance when making items with an anvil.
Unlocks this spell at 50 faith. It requires 50 favor to cast and has a difficulty of 60. It has no cooldown.
Efficiency has negating interaction with Blessings of the Dark and Circle of Cunning. If either of those enchants exist, you cannot cast Efficiency, and vice-versa. It does stack with Wind of Ages, Nimbleness,


Ring Enchants

Industry=New Spell, Ring enchant that reduces difficulty checks-Vyn Only
Endurance=New Spell, Ring enchant that reduces stamina usage-Mag Only
Acuity=New Spell, Ring enchant that reduces favor usage-Vyn Only
If you are wearing two rings with the same enchant, they will not stack. Instead, it will use the higher value.
The ring enchants are extremley hard to cast. They should be considered a luxury item, not a necessity.
They have a baseline 80 difficulty, and the cast is further reduced based on the quality of the target item.
If the ring is low quality, the power will almost always be low as well.


Faith Change
Cooldown removed from changing faith at altars.


Enchants that can possibly drop on dungeon items
Prowess=New Spell, Ring enchant that increase combat rating-No God can cast
Titanforged=New Spell, Increases speed, efficiency, and skill gain-No God can cast(Stacks with other enchants like WoA/BotD/Nimbleness)

Dual wielding should be corrected and back to old Wonders swing timers, making dual wielding viable again.


Treasure Maps
Treasure Maps will now spawn mobs without ambushing and players names. This will allow loottables to work correctly.
You can now get maps from foraging. 
If you have any maps with issues please put in a support ticket to get it replaced or fixed. I pulled in the latest release that did a huge overhaul on the mod and could cause old maps to not work.



Custom weapons like our curved dagger, knuckles, and cursed weapons were fixed.

Corrected receipes for Curse Metal, Goblin Weave, and a few others.

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Blue Dragon Hatchling slaying


Sunday, July 8th at 7pm EDT
At Stevens Bay, Hosted by Quetzalcoatl and Members of the Gibraltar Alliance.

Prizes, Loots, will be Rolled off after Slaying.
Any and All are invited to come join us!!!

Any Caravan can get you too Stevens Bay
Bring tent, Armor, and Weapon.

As always no carnivorous creatures allowed at fight area, no carts or wagons. You may travel to event by cart or wagon, but must be parked away from Fighting area.

Boat Dock available for those you want to sail there also.

Can fight on foot or horseback. horses will be provided.

Edited by Jerone0601

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