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Dragon fight was fun with a large amount in attendance. We hit almost 60 people online during that time. 


Login server is online and has greatly reduced our lag through the main server. 


Our new Epic PvP server will be going live this weekend. People will be allowed to deed on the pvp server but it will be full deed cost and upkeep cost. Mounts are normal WO speed on the pvp server so you cant speed off when an enemy shows up. Hope to see you there. 

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Servers are down for some maintenance this morning, just a friendly reminder for those who haven't checked out our forums. Cleaning the database a bit. Once that's all done, our PvP server (Slaughter) will be open and ready for those who want to test their luck! We have seen some fun events recently, a red dragon hatchling slaying, new Colosseum open in Life Spring, Freyja's gnome hunt has gone out in the wild. Check out the forums for more info!

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All weekend we are running mini events to celebrate our Lead GMs birthday. Come join in on the fun. 

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PVEp treasure map mod added. The community seems to be digging the treasure. 


PVP server is slowly growing with at least a few casualties of war today between HOTS and MR.


HoTA will be starting soon on the PVP server so get your allies together and let's see who can win the first round.

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To the owner of this server stop now or I will take action legal action. You are stealing copyright material you was not given permission to use. The wagons you are allowing everyone to download and trying to put on your server are copyrighted by Foreverlands aka me Arkonik and Reqium of Wurm aka Zuse. Only Requiem of wurm was given rights to use my work. This has been stated many times when people have asked me for my work.


You are breaking laws here. you should learn to read the disclaimer when you join someones server and download there packs.

Here I will post for all to see since you thought it wasn't important.



By viewing or otherwise using this Graphics Pack, you agree to the terms and conditions in this Notice. This Notice may be changed without further notice. This Notice applies exclusively to your access to and use of this Graphics Pack for Requiem of Wurm only.

Copyright Notice

All Graphics Pack materials, including, without limitation, the logos, design, text, graphics, other files and the selection and arrangement are Copyright © 2017 Requiem of Wurm or copyrighted as otherwise noted. The text and graphic content of Requiem of Wurm's website may be electronically copied only under the following conditions:

• The content is used for use on Requiem of Wurm server only 

Any other use of the materials in this Graphics Pack, including any commercial use, reproduction for purposes other than as described above, distribution, republication, and display or performed without prior written permission of Requiem of Wurm is strictly prohibited.
Requiem of Wurm reserves the right to change any and all content contained in this Graphics Pack at any time without notice. Reference to any products, services, processes, or other information, by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, supplier, or otherwise does not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation thereof by Requiem of Wurm.



Limitation of Liability

Stop now Or I will take legal action in a court of law.

Edited by Arkonick
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Remove the content you are allowing people to download that is not yours and do not try to put it on your server you have been warned action is already being taken for breach of the TS agreement when you downloaded the graphics pack from Reqieum of Wurm. I have tons of proof who created said textures and the files on my machine to back that up and every post of screen shots with links.

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I responded to your other posting but since you came here I will respond again. First off if the templates I provided to my community to look at and get a feel for changing wagons textures inadvertently had your "work" my apologies. The link has been removed. I have given them a step by step on how to convert there own DDS files and easily photoshop there own wagons however they like. The post you looked at clearly said here is some templates go make your own and if the community likes them we can implement. I wanted original content not google images draped across my wagons and ships. I did ask permission to use your content and since it was not given I did not or will not ever use it. I liked your drapes, furniture, and rugs. Not sure what you are trying to get out of the accusation that we used your content incorrectly. We never claimed the wagons were created by us or would be used on the server at all. If anything looking at the whole content of everything you upload to your "copy-written" graphic packs, you have multiple pieces of free to use works trimmed and pasted, maybe some original work, not sure, since i stopped counting after finding at least 10 there were copy-written by original artists and shared to the world, and then the big one maybe CC should take a look at Wurm graphics you didn't modify at all.. Your "copy-written" graphic pack has Code Club graphics yet your disclaimer says  All Graphics Pack materials, including, without limitation, the logos, design, text, graphics, other files and the selection and arrangement are Copyright © 2017 Requiem of Wurm or copyrighted as otherwise noted. So how does that work? CC give you permissions to make there work part of your "copy-written" graphics pack?


Lastly if my link had some of your textures it was not intentional it was a reference for non-tech savy people who might like to edit images. This could have easily been resolved by PMing me on forums here, my website, or my server and I would gladly removed said link and modified to only provide CC based templates. Not sure if you are trying to bring attention to your models or what but they are not being used by me or will they ever. Good luck on your hunt. 

Edited by Jerone0601
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World of Wonders has had many fun, exciting things going on lately!!


Players are enjoying the ability to have some interesting mounts



Nutty created an event out of finding a high ql treasure map and the team got to fight an eaglespirit, along with some other bad guys!



Thor and Freyja hosted another event on their custom Event Island



And Life Spring saw another invasion, this time by the evil Skoll and his crew of guardians of Fenrir, to welcome our new BL god (Fenrir) to the server!



Many updates happening right now! Fenrir will be an available deity, Libila update is coming (Thanks, Sindusk) so that GMs no longer need to convert players, new Careful Harvest mod is being added to Slaughter, adjustments are being made to the player-made artifact items, and much more! Check us out at!

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Colosseum Fights Event tonight


Nice rainbow over the destruction 



What's a few Sol Demons?



Sly Manifestation of Fo was nothing for our players



The champion blue dragon was a bit tough though. :P


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All weapons and Armor have now been rebalanced for more variety in combat. Surface mining updated so you don't have to uncover all tiles only one. New Portal System with all portals linked together. 


New hardware to support the server is coming this week as well as a very large content update. 


New survival server coming in a a few weeks at the request of the community. 


Come join a very active fun community with weekly events and servers to fit everyone's needs.

Edited by Jerone0601

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Todays Update.

First we are on our new OVH hardware. Fully dedicated 64GB server. No more sharing resources with others at all

Main Update: TasteOfWyvern (thanks Sin for sharing your code)
This is highly minipulated version of some of Wyvern's code that Sindusk was nice enough to share so I could use and tweak as I see fit.

Drake Mounts 3 currently available but all colors coming soon. These can be dominated, lead, hitched, and ridable (High BC required) They are super fast. Rather low armor but do hit pretty hard.

  • (White) Tarakona- The only natural spawn on Wonders and is very rare.
  • (Black) Drage
  • (Green) Draak

New Mobs and mob changes

  • Corrupted Yggdrasil (God approach with caution)
  • Hela (Loki's Daughter (God approach with caution)

God monsters should wander the map slowly and can be engaged by anyone at any time. They are more powerful then most uniques though. Also they have very unique set of skills for attacks/aoes. Also at increments of there life they will spawn adds. The adds can take out an unprepared travel with no God present, so be careful)
Unlike normal mobs they will not heal or take damage ticks from wounds. Also you cannot smite a God. When fighting these monsters there will be lightning seen and a lot of info on the server tab. Good luck fighting the first two gods.

  • Skadi's Corrupted Champion (Unique Monster)
  • Avatar of Loki (Spawns when non-dragon unique dies)
  • Spirit of Nidhogg (Spawns when dragon dies)
  • Sjofn's Avenger
  • Freyja's Spider
  • Thor's Champion
  • Spirit Troll (sadly my ghost effect got lost at the last moment but tougher then normal troll)
  • Large Boar (dominatable and leadable so you can hit to cart/wagon)
  • Worg and Sol Demon(Natural Spawning)
  • Bison should now be ridable
  • Lava Fiend will now spawn on surface layer
  • All original uniques have been slightly altered to make a bit more challenging.
  • New mobs will be added to the possible ambusing mobs of a treasure chest.

There is no coin bounties associated with the new named mobs. They are tougher then most mobs that were already out there and will drop a new item, chaos crystals.

New Items/Item Changes

  • Affinity Orbs: Give random affinity when used. These do not normally drop. Rare drop in high quality treasure map chest. Will be added to loot drops in upcoming dungeon content. Can be purchased in Little Shop of Wonders.
  • Chaos Crystals: New items dropped by higher combat rated mobs. They can be infused togeher to get rare-fantastic chaos crystals. You can then use them on items in hopes of a rarity transfer. But there is a chance it will damage or blow up your item.
  • Nuckles: Requested by the community for a while. Uses unarmed combat, low damage but fast attack.
  • Club: You can now make and improve your own club. Damage is balanced with our other weapons
  • Warhammer: Make your own warhammer. damage is balance with our other weapons. Uses Hammer of Mag skin but is different damage/speed/parry. Good luck testing and comparing new weapons.
  • New Coin, Corpse, and Skeleton decoration for decorating your deed.
  • Food affinities are now based on the food not the character. So everyone gets same buff from an item. You can now easily sell foods because you know what affinity they give.
  • Leather can be combined to make larger pieces of leather

New Armor/Modified armor

  • Glimmerscale: As the name states, its a combination of dragonscales infused by a master metalurgist with glimmersteel. Its improved with glimmerscales so will be rarely seen. Highest DR of all armor
  • Spectral Armor: Made and improved with spectral leather. Best caster armor. Good DR on par with Adamantine plate with +30% to casting.
  • Drake Armor: Slightly reduced DR by 2.5%, decrease casting buff to +20% compared to +30%
  • Helm Change: All face shots are now redirected to your head. This allows you to use drake helm, open helm, and other helms without worried of getting dead to face shots.

General Update

  • Most actions are now available from your cart/wagon. Building, cutting down trees, mining. I know a few items were requested to be added. Most if not all should be available now.
  • New Server Tab will display a multitude of different things. One is displaying when people get titles, fighting the gods, and unique fight information.
  • Old Server Info tab will remain because of how easy it is to change the script running it and it wont scroll up with information coming in.
  • Getting a rare+ during a rarity window has been slightly modified.

Slaughter Only

  • Rift Materials will now spawn around the map on the ground. 200 rift material should be present at any time. Rift monster spawn increased.
  • Unique spawn rate has increased.
  • Slaughter will not get drake mounts due to the speed and trying to balance for pvp would be incrediblly hard.

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Message from Yggdrasil: Hopefully we have finally been able to fix all the issues we have seen. Most of the issues were caused by a database issue. During the migration it seems that we were not able to copy all files over. We were missing query files for the database as well as a few other items. Due to this it was making the db unstable after short periods of time running. It also did a bit of damage to the actual database. Even on our full backup copies the query files were missing after we put in a our notice of cancelling our servers with ping. So not sure exactly how it happened but that has been our major issue correcting the databases.

We rebuilt all databases for all three servers and have moved the db files to a fresh installed version of the server software. It seems to be much more stable at this time so hopefully we are through with the worst of it. Most of the mods that were added during the migration was removed. New creatures were removed from natural spawning, new chaos crystals no longer drop, face shot deflection to head was removed, rarity increased chances was removed, and better treasure chest loot was removed. I will very slowly bring some of these items back, carefully monitoring the overall effect on the server. For now I will leave us as we are now and let it run for a while to make sure we are good. 

Thanks to the multiple developers that helped troubleshoot our issues. Thanks a TON to Coldie. Thanks Sindusk and everyone else that pitched in and helped with brainstorming and troubleshooting issues. 


With that being said, World of Wonders is more Wonderful than ever!! :D We have a double dragon slaying coming up this weekend! A green dragon and a green dragon hatchling! Check out our website for more info


And Ygg shared a screenshot sneak peek of one of our newest dungeons . 





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Hlesey: Aegir's Domain: New dungeon, coming soon. Can you help put the tortured souls of lost sailors to rest? Looking for new adventures and challenges? Are you willing to face the sea goddess Ran and the king of the sea Aegir in their realm? Currently testing the mobs and finishing up the loot tables for them. Hoping to open this dungeon this weekend. Hlesey is built and planned for a 3-5 man group of fighters with at least 70fs and decent gear. 





Draugen (new mob, the souls of men lost at sea)



Poor zombie sailors, doomed to protect Hlesey with their unlives. :D


Edited by LokiWorldofWonders
to add target group info

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New changes from Ygg:



Achieving 90+ skill and then going further is now more worthwhile than ever.

Skills over 90 affect skill checks, reducing the difficulty further as you increase skill above 90.

At 99, the curve increases, up to double the effect at 100 than you would have at 99.

Rarity of tools now provide a similar bonus, decreasing the difficulty of skill checks per rarity level.

These changes use the player's actual skill, not epic curved skill.



The Gods have been updated and tweaked. Due to how much processing they can take up I have set that they will not naturally spawn on Wonders. Wonders will see them for events and such but dont expect to find one wandering around. 

Currently they are just for bragging rights to kill them on Slaughter. They currently have no loot table because I want to do more extensive testing on a live server before I can accurately determine a good reward for them



All hatchlings and dragons except Red Dragon has been buffed with armor. If we see that they are still way under powered we will buff damage next to actually make these uniques a challenge worth pulling the community together for.

After any hatchling or dragon is slain a Spirit of Nidhogg will spawn. Upon slaying the spirit will drop more drake hide and also spectral hide. 

After any non dragon unique is slain an Avatar of Loki will spawn. Upon slaying the Avatar the slayers will be rewarded. 

Changed name Champion of Skadi to Corrupted Skadi. Updated sight range and aggression ranges to hopefully unbug her. 

New Mobs:


All new mobs have a default bounty of only 5c. 

Mobs named after a GM have special loot tables. They are not 100% drops, they are not even 50% drops. Each one of the normal named mobs can drop high ql moonmetal and also each one has a unique rare item that can drop. The moonmetal is high enough drop that you can farm it slowly, but definately wont be the best way to get moonmetal. The rare item is a very low drop rate and is going to be a big luck item and should not be seen very often. The new mobs are immune to arrows so you can not snipe them while they stand helpless.

Freyja's Spider: Easiest of the new mobs, does poison damage and looks like a fog spider. Still tougher then a troll. 

Sjofn's Avenger: Does Cold damage and looks like a small ghost avenger.  Tougher then Freyja's Spider

Thor' Champion: Does Acid damage and looks like a forest giant. Tougher then Sjofn's Avenger.

Spirit Troll: Pure port over from WyvernMods. Does cold damage. About the same strength as Freyja's Spider. No special loot

New Dungeon Mobs:


Hlesey: 7 unique mobs have been added for this dungeon. They are very difficult to face and will require a group of 3-5 people to clear the dungeon. 

Each mob has its own individual loot table. All mobs drop some nice crafting material at around 25% drop chance. Each boss has approximately 6 different items they can drop ranging from a 75% drop chance all the way to 2% drop. 

Items for this dungeon are purely drop items from the mobs. No hand out at the end. Items you can find range from high end crafting material, spyglass, weapons, special armor, magical tomes, and unique non craftable weapons.



All new mounts require 30 BC to ride as a mount. They can all be hitched. More mounts are in the works.

Wild Worg: Rare spawning mount worg skin and as large as a horse

Large Boar: Its a boar the size of a horse spawn is rare.

Dragon Mounts: Only white spawn naturally







Misc. Changes


Face shots should once again be redirected to your head allowing more helms to be utilized

Arrow packs can be created using a quiver and enough arrows. Once created you can improve all at once and then unpack saving time and effort to make good arrows.

Servertab is now back and will provide some useful information during unqiue and dungeon boss fights. 

Rarity odds have been tweaked again. This changes the chance you will get a rare+ when you get a rare roll, it does not add to how often you get them.

Glimmerscale must be improved using glimmerscale now, like it should have been to begin with.

Spectral Armor must be improved using spectral hide now, like it should have been to begin with

All mobs can now have a condition when spawning. No longer requires a den to have a condition. 

Removed chaos crystals for now. 

New Titles added and the system can now easily be expanded. Will expand more on this at a later time. 


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White dragon hatchling fight today!  This will be our first experience with the Spirit of Nidhogg mob as well. When the hatchling dies, the Spirit of Nidhogg will spawn for a second round of fighting! More chances for drake hide and spectral hide armor!


As long as final testing goes well, Hlesey, our newest dungeon will open today as well!


Lots of fun to be had on World of Wonders! Come join us! :)

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Like Wurm and always hoped for more of combat then slaying trolls and the occasional unique? Well you may have came to the right place. We are one of the largest established servers, running an 8k map with over 190k creatures. Currently World of Wonders has about 25 custom monsters with another 15+ being designed, balanced, and tested for our next two dungeons. Custom mounts with low spawn rates or completely event/dungeon earned so you wont see a ton of people with that rare mount you spent hours getting. We have recently opened our first high end dungeon but felt it was rewarding and enticing enough. So we added some more. 


Hlesey is officially open for a few days and we decided to upgrade the system we were using for dungeons. On top of the percentage based unique loot tables for all mobs in the dungeon we have implemented a dungeon currency system. Thanks to one of our community for doing the modification up for the currency system. This currency system will allow us to have unique currency drop from each unique dungeon that we run as well as putting some more incentive on hunting normal free roaming mobs.


A new dungeon currency system. You start earning currency by killing mobs at Hlesey. The only way at this time to check your dungeon balance is by talking to the merchant.The merchant can be found right inside of Hlesey.

Trash mobs=1 Coin

Mini Boss=2 Coins

Boss=5 Coins


All the armour of the deep set is made from blue drake hide. All items are dyed blue including lamps and lanterns. 

25 Lamp
50 Lantern
100 Spyglass
250 Rare 1H Cutlass-----Now Adamantine
300 Rare 2H Boarding Axe------Now Adamantine
250 Rare Sleeve of the Deep
250 Rare Glove of the Deep
250 Rare Boot of the Deep
500 Rare Cap of the Deep
500 Rare Pants of the Deep
750 Rare Jacket of the Deep
7500 Blue Ghost Drake Mount Voucher

Edited by Jerone0601

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Just love this server. And the new dungeon Hlesey is alot of fun. Can be done several times every day and have some really nice loots :D 

Built my place at a 100tile wide landstretch between 2 lakes, and are currently building a Canal, with a city port inside the mountain!


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Just posting to add my thoughts.  I have enjoyed Wurm on several servers that all had great communities and had active GMs.  Unfortunately those servers had community members move on or other issues.  I have been with Wonders for about a month and enjoy the community and server. 

I enjoy the random treasure maps, the regular events when I can make them, and the newest Dungeon (Hlesey)

The community of players is active and interactive.  The GMs I have found very supportive and engaging.


I encourage anyone to settle in and build a community of players here as I did.


Thanks Wonders

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We have been On World of Wonders Since June. We love the full functional Starter City. (first Server to have one, btw) GM and CA staff are wonderful and interactive Daily, and through the Night. The Map is Huge, that gives plenty of space to Deed. Outpost portals help you get to the four corners on the Map and back to Life Spring (starter City) if you need too, Highway systems is coming along nicely. We here at Stevens Bay have recently remodeled the entire deed, and are planning on Hosting the Winter Imp-a-long In Jan 2018. Many more great things about World of Wonders to check out, almost weekly events, (both player/staff ran). Treasure Maps, Rifts to kill, and Dungeons for all Fight Skills. Merchant Market is very populated with wide assortment of items. You can even craft your very own Deed Portal!!


Stop in and check them out.


Pic is of Stevens Bay

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I believe after this update we can easily state we have the most mob variety out there. The main part of our update was adding new mobs to go with the themes of our dungeons. We are currently running a little over 50 custom mob types on the server ranging from 15FS to mobs that are made for 3 person experienced groups. We will soon be releasing a 20-30 FS Dungeon, a 50 FS Dungeon, and another 70+ FS dungeon. Do you have a desire for adventure come on over to Wonders. Todays Update Notes listed below.


Dungeon Mod was updated so I can easily reconfig on the fly. Thanks Coldie. 

Karma Update: Everyone will get 10 karma every 10 minutes while logged in on Wonders. This will allow players to more easily access skills like Summon Corpse, Village teleport, and tome skills.

New Hitchable creatures: Gorilla, Hyena, and Rock Crawlers. They are hostile but leadable just like hell horses. They are not really special, decent speed, cant equip items, and cant mount them.

World Currency: Fixed lurking mobs so they dont give 250 coins anymore. Rolled everyone back to a maximum of 500 coins. 

New World Mobs: Most are based off current or soon to come dungeons. Rough estimate of needed FS for them. 

Dverger Explorer-70FS+
Goblin Scout-70FS+
Escaped Prisoner-20FS
Hlesey Crab-70FS+

The mobs with 70+ rating provides a World Coin value the same as Freyja's Spider and other named mobs. Currently working 
on loottables for all the new world mobs and dungeon mobs. 
In total I added 34 new custom mobs to help us theme and setup the dungeons we are working on. 

The new custom mobs range from 25-90FS mobs. This allows us to provide a unique experience for all skill levels of players.

We have new dungeons coming very soon. We will do one more reset before release but this will allow my staff to fully test the
mobs in the dungeon enviroment before release so we hopefully wont need to redo anything after release. 

Hlesey dungeon mobs have been slightly updated.

Tweaked the colored drake mounts speed somewhat for mounted and hitched.

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One of our players took a video of his group running through our dungeon Hlesey. Watch it here



As previously stated, this is one of our 70+FS dungeons. We have a couple more in the works, plus we are rescripting our 30FS dungeon and creating an all new 50FS dungeon. Mobs are created specifically for the dungeons and dungeon mobs drop custom loot! Dungeons are mission scripted, so no GM intervention is required for a group to run one. Dungeon and World Coin currencies are available for purchasing custom loot as well. Come join in the fun!

Edited by LokiWorldofWonders
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Our original dungeon was in need of a major overhaul and needed some new dungeon love. So all new custom mobs created for the prison, dungeon currency system applied, new loot tables created for align with our new dungeons, and its own custom armor. New armor Ringmail created. DR falls between chain and plate and currently can only be found in our lower level dungeons. Dungeon Details can be found in the spoiler including loot list and dungeon merchant list. We will be releasing a new high level 70+ FS dungeon, Andvari's Hall soon to align with other tier 1 content we are creating. Hopefully later next week we will release a new 50FS+ dungeon to get newer players gear to face the tier 1 dungeons. The final tier 1 dungeon will be released around thanksgiving. 


Prison of Life Spring

There have been rumors going around the the prison is out of control. The Deputy Warden and Guard Captain overthrew the warden and are planning to build an army of prisoners. There ultimate target is to take over our great city of Life Spring. 

This dungeon is a small/medium dungeon one player in a dungeon party should speak with the Warden at the entrance to get started. Only one player or you will face 2x the challenge. This dungeon is meant for new players at 25+ FS with basic gear. It can be accessed via a portal or you can run to it. It is just west of Life Spring.

Loot is dropped randomly from all mobs in the dungeon. Also everyone gets prison coins for each mob they attack and kill. This currency can be used at the prison coin merchant at the start of the dungeon to purchase gear. 

Things you need
Healing clovers
a Healer
20 Fighting skill or higher

This Dungeon is now open an free to run through recommend running with a group.

Be ready for a good time!

Good luck ,
GM Staff

Prison Dungeon Loot List

Prison Color is Yellow so lamps and lanterns will be dyed yellow.

Prison Lamp 30ql, 35 coin
Prison Lantern 60ql, 50 coin
Prison Opal 80ql, 45 coin
Spyglass 99ql, 1000 coin
Prison Guard Sword 40ql, 275 coin
Riot Axe 40ql, 550 coin
Prison Guard Sleeve 40ql, 250 coin Rare
Prison Guard Glove 40ql, 250 coin Rare
Prison Guard Boot 40ql, 250 coin Rare
Prison Guard Coif 40ql, 500 coin Rare
Prison Guard Jacket 40ql, 500 coin Rare
Ghost Drake Voucher 99ql, 9000 coin

Non-rare Armor will drop off the mobs in the dungeon. The weapons can drop off of the bosses.
The armor is Ringmail armor, with damage reduction between chain and plate and made out of steel.


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