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Extended combat flavour text for damage delt

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This is a mod request based on this thread:


All the code needed is within : CombatEngine.class


Sadly programming is not my strength, i do well enough reading it and plan to learn when i have more time and motivation to do so.


Lines of code to be changed





public static String getStrengthString(double damage) { if (damage <= 0.0D) return "unnoticeably"; if (damage <= 1.0D) return "very lightly"; if (damage <= 2.0D) return "lightly"; if (damage <= 3.0D) return "pretty hard"; if (damage <= 6.0D) return "hard"; if (damage <= 10.0D) return "very hard"; if (damage <= 20.0D) { return "extremely hard"; } return "deadly hard"; }




public static String getRealDamageString(double damage) { if (damage < 500.0D) return "tickle"; if (damage < 1000.0D) return "slap"; if (damage < 2500.0D) return "irritate"; if (damage < 5000.0D) return "hurt"; if (damage < 10000.0D) { return "harm"; } return "damage"; }



i don't know how hard this will be but i have done everything i can  to help.


flavour text suggestions:




deadly hard

insanly hard

godly hard


damages it

obliterates it

destorys it



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