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Buckets of Coins

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Right now, it seems that all money from upkeep is dumped into the grass, with a bit left over for traders and selling to tokens.



I propose breaking the kingdom income across multiple buckets that cannot take from each other no matter how fast or slowly they are filled or drained. The intention is to diversify what tasks are rewarding and prevent a single activity (ex. foraging) from scooping up all the rewards.





Personal Bucket


A percentage of all upkeep and premium time purchased by that specific character should go into a bucket attached to that specific character (or unique human with multiple characters if the future account system mentioned in the roadmap works like that). The two ways of getting coins out of this bucket are to sell to traders and doing something that would get you coins from one of the other buckets, effectively boosting your reward by giving a coin from each bucket, or just the personal bucket if the other has been drained. The bucket has no limit on its value to prevent any unwanted pressure to  drain it quickly, especially for big spenders who might hit any cap frequently.



Mission Bucket


Participating in missions, or completing them, should give coins from this bucket.



Divine Bucket


Random coins from prayers come from this bucket. As well, sacrificing a rare item should have a chance to give a larger amount of coin.



Grass Bucket


Just like now, when you forage you sometimes get a coin, and it comes out of this bucket.



Good Deeds Bucket


The best example of this is burying corpses, but I’m sure people can think of other good deeds that could be rewarded out of this bucket.







Under this system traders do not have their own unique bucket, the money you get from them comes from your own personal bucket. Traders would likely need their price reduced and some way to move them to better or more convenient locations.



I’m sure there are other possible buckets, and endless possible debate how big a percentage of kingdom income each bucket should get.

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I agree that the economy in this game requires a huge reshuffle. What you propose is a better system. 


However i wouldn't have a personal bucket you need to spread money. You also don't mention a good sink. Ofcourse this is only a very basic system you have proposed.

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I liked it the old way years ago, so doubt any idea I have will be useful here.   I do agree something should change as it just isn't working for the average player anymore.

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The way it works now is .. sharing the coins with everyone and rewarding the active people who do something...

While some abuse the part where they do certain things too much to get too much from it... it's else working fine.. if anything.. it could use some sort of limitation.


This new idea separates things and makes it easier to milk certain pools, fishing in a barrel.:rolleyes:

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