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Request - Trees always in season

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So I'm wondering if a mod already exists for this. 


I play both Online and Unlimited servers but recently decided to try out a solo game with my own server. The server is my òwn computer and will only be running when I'm playing the game.


So the main setback i need to overcome is time - the game will be running 2 / 3 hours a day rather than 24/7; i have crops set to tick earlier, i have an animal gestation mod to make them breed quicker - but it will take forever for fruit trees / grapes etc to come into season.


Is there a mod that makes them permanently harvestable? Or a GM command to set them so?


I know there's a database entry where you can set the game time, so as a last resort i could use that, i suppose (so long as i figure out the numbers) - just curious if anyone's already come across this and solved it?





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