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Discount Shoppette

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Welcome to my shop, feel free to browse!

All items are discounted and I am accepting offers on everything.


Large Chest                                      Weapons Rack

XmcI8j.png       6ZSjYV.png


Honey Barrels                                    Rune Merchant

dsH4zz.png       I6YI3j.png


Wine Barrels



Visit this Google Doc for what each rune does, I am selling for 2c/QL.

Not sure what the Honey and Wine goes for nowadays so please offer.

Wine was made before the big cooking update.

Also Selling 776 Beeswax at 45.09QL.


May Libila guide you and have a nice day.



#bringlibilatofreedom #libilaistheonetruegod #blacklegionliveson

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I'll go 2c per ql on the crystal bronze lib runes.   Cod to lockbox

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