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[FIXED] Fermenting multiple barrels with one woodscrap

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Steps to reproduce

-activate woodscrap

-right click on a stack of barrels that contain unfermented drink

-create fermenting drink


Expected result

-create the first fermenting drink

-stop further actions as your woodscrap has been used


Actual result

-create first fermenting drink

-actions continue and produce the fermenting drink barrels from your unfermented drink barrels despite you no longer having the woodscrap



-Low - All this does is save on woodscrap and make the fermentation process a bit quicker for the user

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You may find that only one of the batch completes the process correctly, leaving the others in a bugged state.


I've reproduced the issue on test and will await the results but have opened a bug for this.   


I assume your barrels were in a cart or other container?  You will notice that if you try to do that while the barrels are in inventory, it tells you that the items must be on the ground.

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