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[SOLD] Nahjo Battery/starter Priest - Dceet

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Looking to part with a Nahjo priest/battery.

Character will be in a sailboat located around B14 Xanadu (near north border so u can island jump anywhere).


[16:15:53] You have premium time until 23 May 2017 20:42:49 GMT

Splendid of the path of love


Current Skilldump: 




Spell list:




Can do:

*STRONGWALL* (70faith) - use to strongwall reinforced tiles, or to replace rock in mines.

*Genesis* - Remove negative traits from your animals!

Cast *Dirt* now to train your channeling and sale the dirt!- ( Just need your veggies )

Pray and receive all sorts of gems. (must pray yourself)

With channeling training you can cast Life Transfer, Mind Stealer, Courier, WOA, Frostbrand and Armour enchant:  Aura of Shared Pain. (you must train channeling first)

Affinity: b9177dc78b.png


Splendid of the path of love:


Enchant Grass


Comes with: (basic gear to get you to your destination)



1x Sailboat


Karma: 1100


Looking for: 100e paypal verified.

PM ingame/forum or reply here for serious buyers only. ( OR on Discord , im usually hanging out in the Wurm Online Channel )

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price drop
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I respect your opinion Egard but...

no skilled 100 faith alts goes for roughly 80s.

50 meditation with splended level in love ( enchant grass alt ) roughly 25s

41 channeling - ( at this point you can cast dirt to 70 easy and resale dirt )

mining from no skill to 70 I would charge someone 30/35s to raise it on their character.

I think I priced it accordingly but I am always up for offers.

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corrected channeling

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41 channeling. The channeling isn't worth much on a Nahjo below 70. I raised channel to 70 in 2 Nahjos in 1 week, just using batteries for favor (no sacrificing).  100 faith might be worth 80s to the right person.  I've sold some within spitting distance of that number about a year ago. 50 med I have great respect for.  I hate just getting to 30.  70 mining is worth a bit as well. This could be a great starting priest for someone and won't be surprised if they buy at that price.


When I first saw the post, I was sceptical, then I actualy looked at the Niarja dump.

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