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[WTS] Nathan Battery/starter Priest - Sniik

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Looking to part with a Nathan priest/battery.

Character will be in a sailboat located around B14 Xanadu (near north border so u can island jump anywhere).


[16:32:19] You have premium time until 23 May 2017 20:44:49 GMT

Splendid of the path of love


Current Skilldump: 




Spell list:




Can do:

Humiddrizzle - tend to all your animals, removes disease.

Dmg bonus for being priest of Nathan.

Animal ignore for being priest of Nathan.

Pray and receive all sorts of gems. (must pray yourself)

With channeling training you can cast CoC, Frostbrand, Rotting Touch and have both armour enchant: Web Armour or Aura of Shared Pain. (you must train channeling first)

Affinity: 1a73e963b5.png


Splendid of the path of love:


Enchant Grass


Comes with: (basic gear to get you to your destination)



1x Sailboat


Karma: 1200


Looking for: 80e paypal verified.

PM ingame/forum or reply here for serious buyers only. ( OR on Discord , im usually hanging out in the Wurm Online Channel )

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